Food Safety Week

What is Food Safety Week?
This week marks Supervalu’s annual Food Safety Week campaign. This week is held to promote the importance of food safety throughout the whole supply chain from farm to kitchen table. The Supervalu Food Safety & Quality team together with our suppliers and our retail partners work to manage risks and ensure the safety of the products our consumers buy every day.

What is the theme of Food Safety Week 2022?
To celebrate Food Safety Week, different themes are promoted each year in order to bring a different topic of food safety to everyone’s attention.

In 2022, the theme of Food Safety Week is ‘Safer food, better health’ which aligns with World Food Safety Day. This theme highlights the role that safe, nutritional food plays in ensuring human health and well-being and calls for a set of specific actions to make food safer.

How can you participate in Food Safety Week?
Practice safe food handling at home and follow the Five Keys to Safer Food:

  1. Keep your hands, utensils and surfaces clean
  2. Separate raw and cooked food
  3. Cook food thoroughly
  4. Store food at safe temperatures
  5. Use safe water and ingredients

How can you learn more about Food Safety Week?
Follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter sites for more information where we will be sharing hints and tips for food safety at home!

You can also join the #WorldFoodSafetyDay campaign.

Learn more about food safety by clicking on the links below.

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  3. Know Your Dates

Remember Food Safety is everyone’s business!

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