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Using SuperScan in-store helps you to track your spend, lets you pack as you shop and go through the checkout faster.

How to use SuperScan

  1. Scan your Real Rewards card
  2. Pick up the flashing handheld
  3. Scan every item you put in your shopping bag
    • Use scales to weigh loose fruit & veg
    • Keep any item that won’t scan aside for checkout
  4. Use the dedicated SuperScan checkout
    • Enjoy a faster checkout experience

More about SuperScan

  • What is SuperScan?

    SuperScan is the quickest way to shop in-store. Simply pick up a handheld at the SuperScan wall, scan items you want to buy, pack your bags as you shop, and beat the queue at the dedicated SuperScan till.

  • What do I need to use SuperScan?

    You must be a Real Rewards cardholder to use SuperScan. By scanning your Real Rewards card or App at the SuperScan wall near the store’s entrance, you can pick up a handheld.

  • What if I am not a Real Rewards cardholder?

    Download the Real Rewards app and set up your new card. You can use the app to release a handheld to use SuperScan. After your shop you will be a full member and can enjoy all of the great benefits of Real Rewards.

  • How do I purchase non-barcoded items? (Fruit & Veg)

    Certain items will not have a barcode, mainly items from the Fruit & Veg area. Loose fruit will be accompanied by a shelf barcode indicating ‘Scan Me’. Weighed items will be accompanied by a sign saying ‘Weigh Me’. Pop weighed items up on the store’s scales and scan the printed label. If you have any issues with a product, please put it aside and present it to our SuperScan Champion at the end of your shop.

  • What do I do with an item that does not scan?

    First look to see if there is a second barcode on the item. If you are still having issues, please put the item aside and present it to our SuperScan Champion at the end of your shop.

  • How do I remove an item that I scanned by accident or don't want?

    It's easy to remove something if it was added by mistake or if you changed your mind. There is a plus (+) and minus (-) button beside every product on the handheld screen. Use the minus to remove something, and the plus to add more.

  • What is a rescan?

    Occasionally, you will be required to do a rescan of your shop. Not to worry, this won’t take a minute. Our SuperScan Champion will scan a small number of items from your shop and you will be on your way.

  • Is there anything I can’t buy with SuperScan?

    No, all items in-store can be purchased with SuperScan. If any items don’t scan, we recommend putting these aside and presenting them to our SuperScan Champion at the end of your shop.

  • Can I use Real Rewards Vouchers and Coupons with SuperScan?

    Yes, you can use all our great Vouchers and Coupons with SuperScan. When paying at the till scan the barcodes like you normally do and the discounts will be added to your shop.

  • Do I need to have my Real Rewards card with me to use SuperScan?

    Yes, in order to use SuperScan you must either have your Real Rewards card or the Real Rewards app on your mobile phone

  • How do I check out and pay for my shopping with SuperScan?

    Avoid the queues and go to the dedicated SuperScan till, where our SuperScan Champion will check out your shop in just a minute. No need to unpack those bags!

  • Can I use SuperScan in any SuperValu store?

    SuperScan is currently in a limited number of stores, but once you are a Real Rewards cardholder, you can use SuperScan in those participating stores. See all participating stores below.

Participating Stores

You can find any of these on our Store Locator.

Blackrock Shopping Centre
Bray, Pettitt's SuperValu
Castleisland, Garvey's SuperValu
Clane, Condron's SuperValu
Cobh, Garvey's SuperValu
Dunboyne, Nally's SuperValu
Gorey, Pettitt's SuperValu
Killester, Kane & McCartney's SuperValu
Loughrea, McInerney's SuperValu
Market Cross
Newcastle West, Dooley's SuperValu
Pavilions Shopping Centre Swords
St. Aidan's, Pettitt's SuperValu
Tralee, Garvey's SuperValu
Trim, Nally's SuperValu
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