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Our products have changed – our new cover provides benefits for some Coronavirus (COVID-19) related events.

There are still things we don’t cover, like travel to a destination with a ‘do not travel’ warning or against a health recommendation. Read our FAQs for more

Choose a plan to suit your trip

Whether you’re planning for your next big holiday or have multiple trips coming up, we’ve made choosing a travel insurance plan easy with our Single trip and Annual Multi trip plans

Travel Travel

24/7 Free Emergency Assistance

Travelling with a SuperValu Travel Insurance plan means you get 24/7 access to our Emergency Assistance team.

Our experienced insurance specialists and medical team can help you in the case of an emergency on your trip, including co-ordinating medical care, organising medical transfers to a hospital and repatriation back home. They will also support you if you need help making a claim.

Travel Travel

SuperValu Getaway Breaks

If you’re planning a Getaway Break and you have SuperValu Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance, then your Getaway Break is automatically covered if you take your break during the period of your policy.

If you need assistance or need to make a claim

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