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Insurance Terms of Business

1. General

This Terms of Business document is intended to give you important information concerning our approach to arranging insurances for customers and how we handle your insurance. If any points are unclear, please contact us on 0818 01 01 01 or email

This document takes effect from 17th October, 2022. In this section of the Policy ‘We’, ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ mean SuperValu Financial Services DAC., t/a SuperValu Insurance.

2. Who we are and regulation

SuperValu Financial Services DAC, t/a SuperValu Insurance is part of the Musgrave Group. The registered office of SuperValu Financial Services DAC trading as SuperValu Insurance is Musgrave House, Ballycurreen, Airport Road, Cork and the company is registered under company number 543704.

SuperValu Financial Services DAC, trading as SuperValu Insurance is an Insurance intermediary and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. SuperValu Financial Services DAC, trading as SuperValu Insurance is registered as an insurance, reinsurance or ancillary insurance intermediary under the European Union (Insurance Distribution) Regulations, 2018.

A copy of our authorisation is available on request.

We are authorised to provide advice, receive and transmit orders in relation to general insurance policies. We are subject to and comply with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Code, Minimum Competency Code and the Fitness and Probity Standards as laid down by the Central Bank which offers protection to consumers and those codes can be found on the Central Bank’s website. For further details visit SuperValu Insurance is governed by the law of the Republic of Ireland.

The Central Bank of Ireland is responsible for the regulation of all financial services firms in Ireland.

Their address is:
Central Bank of Ireland
PO Box 559
New Wapping Street
Dublin 2.

+353 1 2244000

The purpose of this document is to outline clearly to you the basis and extent to which we will provide you with services in relation to the general insurance products and services we offer.

3. Our service

We offer the following products only and we do not offer advice based on a general analysis of the market but on a limited analysis only and our quotes are based only on the products available from our underwriters.

Your home, motor and van insurance with us is provided by AXA. AXA Insurance DAC is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. AXA Insurance DAC is a private company limited by shares, registered in Ireland number 136155. Registered Office Wolfe Tone House, Wolfe Tone Street, Dublin 1

SuperValu Travel Insurance is underwritten by Chubb European Group SE. SuperValu Financial Services Limited T/A SuperValu Insurance DAC is a single agency intermediary of Chubb European Group SE for Travel Insurance.

Chubb European Group SE trading as Chubb, Chubb Bermuda International and Combined Insurance, is authorised by the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR) in France and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules. Registered in Ireland No. 904967 at 5 George’s Dock, Dublin 1. Chubb European Group SE is an undertaking governed by the provisions of the French insurance code with registration number 450 327 374 RCS Nanterre and the following registered office: La Tour Carpe Diem, 31 Place des Corolles, Esplanade Nord, 92400 Courbevoie, France. Chubb European Group SE has fully paid share capital of €896,176,662.

Chubb European Group SE is a subsidiary of a US parent and Chubb Limited (a NYSE listed company) and part of the Chubb Group of companies. Consequently Chubb European Group SE is subject to certain US laws and regulations in addition to EU, UN and national sanctions restrictions which may prohibit it from providing cover or paying claims to certain individuals or entities, and from insuring certain types of activities in or connected with certain countries and territories such as, but not limited to, Iran, Syria, North Korea, North Sudan, Cuba and Crimea.

4. Managing your requirements

To enable us, offer you a policy, we will ask you a series of questions to enable us, assess your need for insurance and to provide you with a product we can offer you.

We would like to draw your attention to the section herein entitled ‘Your obligations – Important Warning’. See 7 below

We will provide you with a summary of the insurance you requested explaining all the main features and benefits of the insurance, important details of the cover, including any specific or unusual restrictions or exclusions, or any specific conditions that you must meet, and the period of cover, including the commencement date. We recommend that you read the information we provide you and contact us immediately if anything is unclear or causes you concern. Where we arrange cover over the phone we will inform you of all aspects of the contract in detail at that time.

We will deal with you openly, fairly and honestly.

5. Information about Remuneration

We are paid a Remuneration as follows in respect of the products we arrange on your behalf:

Product Provider Commission Paid
Car AXA 12%
Van AXA 10%
Home AXA 15%
Travel Chubb Insurance 25%

Full details of our remuneration is available as a separate standalone document on our website. Please visit

6. Premium Handling

Motor, Home or Van payment can be made by cheque, Direct Debit Mandate, Credit Card or Debit Card. All cheques should be made payable to the specific insurer who is underwriting your Policy.

Travel Payment can be made by Credit or Debit Card.

The premium you will be quoted includes all charges. Direct Debit payment options are available on home and motor new & renewal business, which include a service charge (see quotation for further details & equivalent APR). No Direct Debit options are available on travel policies.

Premiums are due on or before inception of cover or renewal date. To avoid cancellation of your cover, please ensure you pay your premium within the due dates outlined in your policy documentation.

7. Your Obligations – Important Warning

Our underwriters will ask you questions that are important to them in determining whether or not they can insure you. It is important that the information you provide is correct. You have a legal obligation to take reasonable care to give honest and accurate answers in response to all the information they request from you and not to make a misrepresentation to them regarding such information.

Insurance underwriters have certain legal rights if questions are not answered accurately or a person knowingly gives them false information and it may result in your claim not being paid or your policy being cancelled. As a result you may also find it difficult to arrange this type of insurance in the future. You are also required to update them with any future changes to your information immediately to ensure the continuity of cover under your policy.

8. Cancellation rights

You may cancel the policy at any time by writing to us and if it relates to your motor insurance you must also return the certificate of insurance and insurance disc.

A consumer (as defined by SI No. 853 of 2004) has the right to withdraw from an insurance policy (as defined under SI No. 853 of 2004) within the first 14 days, without penalty and without giving any reason – this is known as the ‘Cooling Off’ period, we will refund your premium for any period of insurance remaining, less an administration fee. The travel insurance cooling-off period is 21 days.

If you cancel your general insurance policy during the first year of insurance (outside of the Cooling Off period) short term rates may apply, please see policy terms and conditions. If your policy is cancelled after the first year, you will be refunded your premium for any remaining period of insurance (less administration costs charged by the insurer). Where a refund is due a minimum refund amount may apply as outlined in the insurers’ terms and conditions. Insurance Underwriters will only refund premiums as long as there has not been any claim or loss during the current period of insurance.

9. Defaults and remedies

At any time by giving you appropriate notice in writing to your last known address, the insurer underwriter reserves the right to cancel your policy in the event of the following:

  • Your non-payment of the premium due at inception, renewal or following a mid-term adjustment
  • Your bank returns your cheque or Direct Debit Instalment for any reason
  • Non-disclosure of relevant information (please refer to the ‘Your obligations – Important Warning’ statement in this document for further details of your obligations)
  • Insurer instigated cancellation. Please see your policy booklet terms and conditions for full details. When your policy is cancelled or expires, we will send you any information and documentation that you require on request.

10. Claims handling

We understand how important claims handling is to our customers. The information provided in the policy explains clearly what you need to do in the event of a claim. If you do notify us of a claim we will pass it to the insurer and their claims team, will contact you directly.

They can provide you with information on:

  • How to complete a claim form
  • When receipts are required
  • What you need to do next
  • How to refer a claim to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board

11. Conflict of interest

We will endeavour to avoid conflicts of interest, however, where this is unavoidable we will explain the position to you and ask you for written confirmation that you are aware of the conflict of interest and you are happy to proceed. We have a Conflict of Interest Policy to which we adhere. A full copy of same is available on request.

12. Recording of calls

All calls made into our offices will be recorded for training and verification purposes. A copy of such recording can be made available to you by request.

13. Data protection

We collect your personal details in order to provide the highest standard of service to you.

We take great care with the information provided; taking steps to keep it secure and to ensure it is only used for legitimate purposes. To fulfil these objectives, we may share information with other affiliated professionals. The information and other data provided to our office may be used to advise you of products and services we may offer from time to time.

You have the right at any time to request a copy of any personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act, 2018 and ask us to change or delete any information we hold about you. All enquires can be sent to: - The Risk & Compliance Officer, SuperValu Insurance, ICIT, Musgrave Group, Tramore Road, Cork. For a copy of our Privacy Policy please see and click on the link provided at the bottom of the page. This will explain how we process all data including that which relates to the processing of Real Rewards.

14. Communications by email

Where you opt to communicate with us via email, there is no guarantee that the message is accurate or has been received by us. As internet communications are not secure, data may become corrupted during transmission or files may not transmit correctly or at all, we are not responsible for the contents of this message or responsible for any change made to this message after you sent it to us. We accept no liability for any losses caused by non-receipt, or corruption of data, information or instructions sent via email either by you or by us.

15. Complaints

SuperValu Insurance is committed to working hard for you the customer, being honest and achieving excellent customer service. We have partnered with our chosen insurance suppliers as they share our commitment to service excellence. However, from time to time, things can and do go wrong. At times situations may arise which fall short of the service we are committed to and which you have come to expect from us. When this happens, and you have cause for complaint or are not happy with the insurance service we provided you, we would ask that you bring it to our attention. It is through this feedback that we can improve our service for you into the future. Please refer to your policy booklet for full details on how to complain. Any complaint that you are unable to resolve to your satisfaction with our Customer Services staff should be sent to the following addresses:

Home, Motor and Van Insurance

SuperValu Insurance,
AXA, Wolfe Tone House,
Dublin 1


Travel Insurance

SuperValu Insurance
Travel Customer Service Manager,
Chubb European Group SE,
5 George’s Dock,
International Financial Services Centre,
Dublin 1
D01 X8N7


Each complaint will be handled in accordance with our Complaints Handling Procedure and the Consumer Protection Code 2012. When we have resolved your complaint or have investigated it in as far as we can and you are not entirely satisfied with our handling of the complaint or the resolution offered, you have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman, 3rd Floor, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2.

If you wish to receive a copy of our Complaints Handling Procedure, please write to us at the above address which is relevant to your type of policy.

16. Investor Compensation Act 1998

SuperValu Financial Services DAC t/a SuperValu Insurance is a member of the Investor Compensation Scheme (ICCL) established under the Investor Compensation Act 1998. The legislation provided for the establishment of a compensation scheme and for the payment in certain circumstances, of compensation to clients of firms covered by the Act.

You should be aware that a right to compensation would only arise where money held by us on your behalf cannot be returned either for the time being or for the foreseeable future. In the event that a right to compensation is established, the amount payable is the lesser of 90% of your loss or an amount up to €20,000.

Our partners are also members of a compensation scheme and if they are unable to meet their financial obligations, you may be entitled to compensation from the scheme of which they are members.

17. How to contact us

Should you wish to contact us about your Insurance needs please use the following details.

Home, Motor and Van Insurance

SuperValu Insurance,
AXA Insurance,
Wolfe Tone House,
Dublin 1


0818 01 01 01

Travel Insurance

SuperValu Insurance
Travel Customer Service Manager,
Chubb European Group SE,
5 George’s Dock,
International Financial Services Centre,
Dublin 1
D01 X8N7

Customer Service


0818 01 01 01
+353 (0) 1 440 2784

General Insurance Queries

For general insurance issues, you can contact our Head Office:

Compliance Officer,
SuperValu Insurance,
Tramore Road,


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