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Drive a better bargain

Great value car insurance with the quality and service you expect from SuperValu.
Underwritten by AIG, the world’s leading general insurance organisation.

Breakdown assist and windscreen protection as standard


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We believe in insurance that rewards you."

Relax you are in safe hands. SuperValu Insurance is underwritten by AIG, the world’s leading general insurance organisation. So our affordable policies offer a range of excellent benefits:

✔ Up to 25% discount when you add your partner as the named driver

✔ Plus collect 1,000 Real Rewards points when you take out a car policy. Offer ends 31.12.18.

✔ €20 in money back vouchers to spend in-store

We will give you a quick quote here or you can always call our friendly support staff based in Dublin. They will greet you with the same courtesy and attention that you enjoy in any of our SuperValu stores.

Table of Benefits

Great value car insurance with the quality and service you expect from SuperValu. Underwritten by AIG, the world’s leading general insurance organisation.

Breakdown Assistance as standard including roadside and home start

Step back bonus protection included

No admin fees for change of address or car during the year

Full no claims discount of 50%

Free windscreen cover up to €650

Personal Possessions in your car protected up to €300

Breakdown Assistance

Free breakdown assistance with every SuperValu Car Insurance policy, keeping you safe on the road.

Home start and roadside assistance

We’ll come to you wherever you break down.


We will change your tyre if you get a puncture while driving.

Lost keys

If you lose or lock in your keys we’ll bring your car to a secure premises while searching for alternative keys or entry to the car.

Petrol shortage

If you run out of petrol on the road we’ll take you to the nearest petrol station to sort it out.

Pass on messages

If you break down and can’t contact friends or family we will pass on two urgent messages for you.

Get you where you’re going

If we can’t get your car going, we’ll take you where you need to be and give you a replacement car or overnight accommodation.

If you break down please call:

Republic of Ireland Roadside Assistance 01 804 4328

United Kingdom Roadside Assistance 0845 603 7991

XLNT Driver App

Along with our partners AIG, we are committed to safer driving and rewarding safe drivers. Download and use the XLNT Driver app and get up to 20% discount (5% up front, 15% after 3 months). The App works to understand your driving behaviour giving you access to real time information and scoring.

  • Unique start/stop technology
  • Discount based on driving behaviour.
  • Improve score by avoiding harsh braking, speeding or distractions while driving.

*To be eligible for our XLNT driver app you must have purchased an AIG Car Insurance premium for €425 or more. Your Road Traffic Act Certificate & disc will be sent to you when you've downloaded and used the app.

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Will I collect Real Rewards points if I buy Insurance?

Yes, you will earn points when you buy your policy and also when you renew with us. The points awarded will vary from time to time so please see the offer applicable at the time.

How long will it take before the points are awarded?

Points will be awarded 28 days after your policy is issued or renewed or from the date your certificate is issued.

What discounts are available?

As well as offering car insurance with excellent cover at a fair price, we will give you money back vouchers to spend back in store when you take out your policy (standard T&C’s apply to these vouchers). When you add your partner to your policy we will give you up to an extra 25% discount off the price of your policy. This discount is subject to normal underwriting criteria and as a minimum is based on your partner being claims free, over 25 with a full Irish licence. To qualify you are your partner must be cohabiting and your partner must be the only named driver on the policy. We will also give you up to 30% discount through the XLNT driver App to reward safer driving. To benefit from this you need to download the App and use it during the period of Insurance. You get an initial discount for downloading and using the App. After the first 90 days we will review your score and you may qualify for a further discount for safe driving. See XLNT Driver FAQ’s below for the scale of discounts. To ensure you continue to receive the discount at renewal, you will need to use the App during the year as per the terms and conditions set out for the App. These discounts are subject to a minimum premium applying to the policy.

How do I receive my Real Rewards vouchers?

You will receive your vouchers within a month of you buying a policy.

What is XLNTdriver app?

AIG XLNTdriver is a free Smartphone App used in conjunction with our car insurance. It is used to record your journeys and provides you with a visual representation of your journeys, together with a score. The overall score allows you to gain an improved discount on your car insurance of up to 30% in total. AIG XLNTdriver provides customers with a great new way of saving money on their car insurance*. By helping you better understand your driving behaviour and what could affect your insurance premium, you can save up to 30% on the cost of your car insurance premium when you download and use the app. The AIG XLNTdriver app offers you real time information on your driving, gives you a score for each completed journey and allows you to track your progress toward additional discounts and receive offers on your policy.

How does the XLNTdriver app work?

AIG XLNTdriver works by monitoring your driving behaviour, helping you to take control of your driving. The app periodically relays your data to us so that we can build an accurate picture of your driving behaviour. This means that we can give you additional discounts based upon how well you actually drive.

How can I improve my score?

The AIG XLNTdriver app is designed to reward safe driving behaviours. Avoid things like harsh braking, excessive speed, distractions like phone calls and driving long distance without breaks.

Can I still get the standard benefits from my policy?

All of our XLNTdriver customers are entitled to the full range of policy benefits available on our standard Car Insurance policy.

How do I get the XLNTdriver app?

The first step to saving with XLNTdriver is to get a quote from us. If you’ve more questions you can refer to the dedicated FAQ page or call SuperValu Insurance directly on 1890 11 11 11 - We’ll be happy to talk you through the benefits and help you with any queries you have. Please note downloading and using the XLNTdriver app is a condition of your insurance. This means you qualify for the 20% discount (5% up front, 15% after 3 months). *To be eligible for the XLNTdriver app you must have purchased a SuperValu Car Insurance premium for €425 or more.Your road traffic act certificate & disc will be sent to you when you’ve downloaded and used the app.

How do I find out more

Click here for a full list of FAQs about XLNT driver

Do I pay administration fees?

No, we don’t believe you should have to pay additional administration fees just to make simple changes to your policy. If you’ve ever been charged an administration fee for changing or even taking out your car insurance we’re sure you’ll agree.

Is my Windscreen covered?

Yes, damage to your windscreen is one of those frustrations that everyone can do without. We’ll replace it without any fuss.

Can I drive abroad?

Yes, we provide up to 60 days cover to you if you want to bring your car to Europe.

Can I drive other cars?

Yes, when you take out insurance with us we’ll give you automatic third party insurance to drive someone else’s car.

Are possessions in my car protected?

We will provide replacement up to €300 for personal possessions like handbags or wallets.

How is my No Claims bonus affected?

If you have SuperValu Car Insurance and need to claim because of fire, theft, or broken glass it won’t affect your No Claims Bonus. We also offer optional Step Back protection on your Insurance so even if you need to claim for something else, you’ll never lose your entire discount.

What happens if my car breaks down?

We provide Breakdown Assist as standard on all of our Car Insurance policies and, if you need to claim, we’re available 24hrs a day on (01) 8720179. If your car keys are lost or stolen we will pay up to €500 towards the cost of replacement keys and reprogramming locking devices, door and boot locks and ignition steering lock.

How do I make a Car Insurance claim?

If you’d like to make a claim, the SuperValu Motor Claims Service is available immediately to take your call. Our offices are open every weekday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. but claims may be notified 24 hours a day on 01 8599700. A standard excess of €250 applies to SuperValu Car Insurance.

What happens after I call?

After you’ve notified us of a claim, we will issue a Claim Form for completion & signing. You can also download the relevant form at http://www.aig.ie/claims.

When should I register a claim?

It’s very important that claims are registered quickly. You must register any claim as soon as is reasonably possible (and certainly no later than 7 days). If you do not, we may not be able to pay your claim.

Where do I send my claim?

If you need to make a claim, please either write a brief description of your claim orphone our underwriters at: AIG Claims Service 30 North Wall Quay International Financial Services Centre Dublin 1 Phone: 01 8599700 To help us prevent fraudulent claims, AIG will store the insured person’s personal details on computer and may transfer them to a third party.


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