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Mortgage Protection and Life Insurance Products

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Mortgage Protection Insurance

  • Mortgage Protection Insurance is designed to pay off your mortgage if you or someone you share the mortgage with dies.
  • Your mortgage lender or bank are legally required to ensure you have this cover in place. Note you are NOT obliged to purchase from them.
  • Our Best Price Guarantee offers great savings on this cover.


Life Insurance

  • Life cover pays out a tax free lump sum if the policy holder(s) die within a certain time period.
  • Different policy terms are available, whole life, term cover, level cover etc. You can also incorporate other features for extra security including serious illness.
  • Our Best Price Guarantee ensures you won’t pay more for the exact cover you need.


Why choose us?

Best Value Cover & Extras

  • Best Price Guarantee. We monitor the entire market daily to bring you the best value and most comprehensive cover
  • Life time Rewards. We offer lifetime discounts of 15% on Mortgage Protection & 13% on Life Insurance
  • First month FREE. Your first monthly payment is on us

Reliability & Choice

  • Our insurance partner is rated the BEST Insurance Broker in Ireland and best Life Insurance agency**
  • Our team are qualified experts who will guide you every step of the way
  • Our Efficiency. We offer TLC (Temporary Life Cover) of up to 4 weeks before the application, so you’re protected before your policy starts at no extra cost***


  • We offer personal support through our partnership with Red Arc, a team of experienced registered nurses. Providing emotional and practical support for health, family and lifestyle issue, they are just a call away
  • To read more about this click here

Mortgage Protection & Life Insurance FAQ's

What is Mortgage Protection?

In a nutshell, mortgage protection is a life insurance policy that decreases as your loan reduces over time. It’s a mandatory requirement when you take out a mortgage, because - in the untimely event of your death - your bank wants to ensure that the loan they granted you is paid off immediately.

In this way, mortgage protection protects both you and your lender, as should you die during the term of your mortgage, the bank thankfully won’t need to chase your next of kin to pay off the balance. So, for example, if you and your partner borrowed €250,000 over 20 years and in year 10 your partner sadly passed away, your mortgage protection policy would kick in and pay your mortgage lender the outstanding €125,000, completely clearing your loan.

What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance cover pays out a tax-free lump sum of money if the individual(s) insured die within a certain time period i.e. during the term of the policy. It is typically taken out to protect you and your loved ones so that if anything happens to you – there is a lump sum left i.e. the amount of cover you took out, to help them cope with the financial stress of your departure.

What is the difference between Life Insurance & Life Assurance

Well, there's a hint here in the name. Assurance is generally a term for something that you can be assured will happen, so life assurance is insurance against an event (death) that will happen eventually. With life assurance, payment will be made at the end of the policy when the life assured dies. Life Insurance on the other hand is for protection for a fixed term for an event that may or may not happen within that time frame.


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T & C's apply. * Up to 15% off refers to an online discount on mortgage protection, and up to 13% off refers to an online discount for life insurance. All discounts offered are valid for the lifetime of the policy. €100 in vouchers includes 2 €50 off €100 spend vouchers in SuperValu, valid on all new life and mortgage policies where a completed and signed application has been returned before 31.05.24 referencing a valid Real Rewards card number. ** Reviews are based on Trust Pilot, viewable on *** Instant TLC (Temporary Life Cover) Instant TLC is a unique service from our partner, that provides temporary Life Cover for up to four weeks during the application and underwriting process at no extra cost. It covers the sum assured applied for, up to a maximum of €500,000 available on all new applications for Life Cover for customers aged 60 or below.

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