SuperValu The Perfect Salad

1. Something leafy and neutral to carry other flavours.

Contrasting textures work well. Choose from Lollo Rosso, Baby Gem, Oak Loaf Lettuce or Cos Lettuce.

 SuperValu The Perfect Salad Lettuce






2. Something punchy.

Choose one from here so you don't overwhelm other flavours. Why not opt for rocket, mint or corriander.

SuperValu The Perfect Salad Salad Leaves 

3. Something herby.

Be careful here, as big flavours like dill and tarragon should be used sparingly. Basil, parsley or chives are all great options.

SuperValu The Perfect Salad Herbs

4. Something visual.

Some pomegrante seeds add subtle texture as well as visual impact. Scatter on top at the very end. We also love beetroot and sesame seeds to add a pop of colour.

SuperValu The Perfect Salad Beetroot

5. Something crunchy.

Choose one or two from here. Texture adds contrast and interest to as salad. Carrots, croutons, peppers, almonds and pine nuts all work well.

SuperValu The Perfect Salad Pine Nuts

6. Something different.

Choose a protein or other flavour as the main or supporting act. Tuna, eggs, avocado, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn.. the possibilities are endless.

SuperValu The Perfect Salad Tuna

7. Something dressy.

Dressing combinations are endless, but the classic ration 1:3, oil to vinegar will always work. Experiment with mustard, honey and flavoured vinegars. Balsamic vinegar, limes, lemons, olive oil, honey, salt, pepper and mustard are all store cupbaord essentials that can be used to whip up a perfect dressing.

SuperValu The Perfect Salad Dressing

Or to get started why not follow one of our salad recipes below.

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