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Easing Into Autumn: Decor Trends to Fall for

Summer sadly is exiting and while we’re a little sad, we can’t help but get excited about what’s ahead. In the world of interiors, no season is quite as hotly anticipated as autumn. The rich textures, the cosy fabrics and the neutral palettes. Maybe it’s because we live most of our lives somewhere on the autumn/winter spectrum, but we Irish love nothing more than the opportunity to turn our homes into a hibernation worthy haven.

At GAFF we’re all about fluid homewares; updating your living space each season so that it feels fresh and rejuvenated. A complete overhaul isn’t always necessary, but a few tweaks and a few additions here and there can set your home up for the season ahead. As always, we keep cost in mind. We’re okay with spending a few bob on the things that really matter - such as those staple pieces of furniture - but when it comes to soft furnishings and accessories, there are so many ways to make an impact without spending a fortune. And that, of course, makes your decor updates all the more rewarding. Here we look ahead to some of the interior trends we can look forward to this Autumn.

Tranquil Terrariums

Plants aren’t something we normally consider for the bedroom, but as the evenings begin to draw in, having something alive in your place of sleep can give the room an energy - and as an added bonus, plants are a natural air cleaner and contribute towards a more relaxed mental state. While the rest of your bedroom color palette might be pared back, or kept neutral to suit a tranquil aesthetic, greenery gives you the touch of color you need without overpowering the space. Turn to the plants that are low maintenance and get yourself some gorgeous plant pots. 2018 is all about the hanging planter, and in the bedroom, this means you don’t have to sacrifice any floor or surface space.

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€30 Amara Living; €30 Orla Kiely at Harvey Norman; €20, MangoandMore, Etsy

Subtle Storage

As we prepare for those cosy nights, we need lots more throws and scatter cushions, but if you’re anything like us, you might go a bit overboard, and buy more than you need. Worry not, if this is the case, there are countless gorgeous storage options that don’t look like storage solutions. Leaning into the boho trend that continues to dominate across the high street, there are soft woven and jute baskets that you can either use as a home for throws and blankets, or even as a chic hub for the kids’ toys. And if you’re really treating yourself, a trendy wash basket. These will not be eyesores in the room; in fact, they’ll look like a feature all on their own, adding to the textures and cosiness that we all want at that time of year.

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€69.99 Zara Home;£79.99 Zara Home (UK); €14.99 H&M

Playful patterns

As we ease into autumn, we tend to dial down bright colors, choosing softer palettes that are soothing. To counteract this, however, it’s the perfect time of year to introduce more patterns - still working with more subtle color palettes - that provide your living space with detail and depth. Switch up your rug for a subtle pattern. Choose placemats or table cloths that aren’t block colors. Introduce clashing patterns to your cushions and throws. Don’t worry about the clashing; as long as the colors aren’t wildly far away from each other, it will look as though you’ve styled it to clash on purpose. A few quirky, unmatched patterns help to ensure your home has that individuality to it that we all crave.

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€4.99 H&M; €30, IKEA

Statement Lights

Dare we say it, the days of the exposed bulb may be drawing to a close. This autumn, we’ll see a return to larger statement lights, whether they’re hanging from the ceiling or a lamp on your hall table. We’re craving a little bit more detail and we’re once again embracing lighting that demands your attention. Lamps and lampshades are also another way to incorporate color into your home at this time of year, without dominating the entire palette. For example, you could have a palette of greys and whites, and then introduce a striking colored or patterned lampshade to give the room an accent. Be bold with lighting. Again, lampshades are things you can get your hands on without spending a fortune, and though Irish people might not yet be in the habit of it, lampshades can be switched out as often as you switch your cushions. You can keep a few on rotation!

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From £40; €50 IKEA

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