How to build a Charcuterie Board

The 20perfect 20charcuterie 20board The 20perfect 20charcuterie 20board

Everything you need to know to make the perfect charcuterie board at home, with tricks on how to pair your favourite sliced meats and enjoy a fantastic aperitivo!

4 people 0 minutes 15 minutes


  • 1 pack Bibanesi breadsticks with olives 100g
  • 1 pack Bibanesi breasticks with extra virgin olive oil 100g
  • 1 - Cheeses, olives and dips to taste
  • 1 pack Levoni Salame Milano sliced 80g
  • 1 pack Levoni Salame Ungherese sliced 80g
  • 1 pack Levoni Salame with fellel seeds sliced 80g
  • 1 pack Levoni Schiacciata piccante sliced 80g


Preparing a charcuterie board may seem very simple but, as with all simple things, it requires a few tricks to make it perfect, starting with the choice of top-quality ingredients such as Levoni deli meats, made with 100% Italian meat.


Pairings are also very important, first and foremost with cheese, which is an essential element for a charcuterie board with balanced flavours. And do not underestimate the delicious contrast that can be created with fruit. When you've perfected these tricks, you'll be able to enjoy a perfect deli meat platter accompanied by superb Bibanesi: crispy, long-leavened, handmade chunky breadsticks.

Tasting tips:

Savour the taste of Italy with four of the most representative Levoni salami, and remember to always start with the most delicate and neutral flavours, gradually moving on to more intense ones, and always leave spicy products at the end so they don't overwhelm other flavours.

  1. Start the tasting with Milano Salami, characterised by its sweet and delicate taste.
  2. Continue with the harmony of flavours of Ungherese Salami, where the meat is expertly processed with the addition of paprika and then smoked.
  3. Then, move on to the fennel seed Salamiwith the fresh and lively taste of fennel and black pepper.
  4. End the tasting with the complex aroma and taste of our Schiacciata Piccante, where fennel seeds slightly attenuate the pungency of the chili pepper.

If you would like to add other charcuterie products with a milder flavour, like mortadella and prosciutto, make sure you start the tasting with them before moving to the salami, richer and fuller in taste.

To build the board:

  1. Place all the salami slices giving them a “wavy” effect or folding them in half twice, so that they are easy to grab.
  2. For a fantastic presentation, wrap some slices of salami around Bibanesi breadsticks, which with their fragrance and delicate taste perfectly match with the stronger taste of salami and add a bit of crunchiness.
  3. Finish adding some slices of your favourite cheeses, olives, dips and fruit and decorate adding some Bibanesi breadsticks on the board.
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