Supervalu Autism Friendly Shopping

SuperValu is already leading the charge when it comes to initiatives that support families with Autism friendly shopping evenings already happening in around 80 SuperValu stores around the country. Over 50 stores have already Autism Friendly Trolleys in store to assist shoppers. 

SuperValu is committed to building on this by enhancing the shopping experience through a roadmap for change which in time will be rolled out in stores around the country over the next 12 months.



Autism Friendly Evenings

Click HERE to see what stores run autism friendly evenings.


Sensory Store Map

  • Smell

  • Touch

  • Cold

  • Loud

  • Light

  • Footprint Aids

Sensory Store Map

Check to see if your store has a sensory map HERE


Store Sounds

  • Store Entrance

  • Packaging

  • Tannoy

  • Bakery

  • Butcher

  • Fridge Noises

  • Wine Section

  • Shop Floor

  • Till Chatter

Other elements include:

  • Autism Friendly shopping times - Quieter, low lights, fast track till.
  • Staff Awareness - Our staff are on an autism aware journey, we are here to help.
  • Beeps on our tills - Reduced and standardised in stores nationwide.
  • Autism Friendly Trolleys - Use of the ALF (Autism Lifeskill Friend) trolley.

Nicola Duggan is a parent of a child on the autism spectrum. She has been blogging about her’s and her son Riley’s experiences together for the last year. 

Check out this video where Nicole talks about Riley’s journey through Ryan’s SuperValu Glanmire and how they help them both in every way they can by using clear language, being patient and being accepting.

Come on the journey to make the SuperValu shopping experience a more autism friendly one.


Middletown Centre for Autism