Spooky spider

It's Halloween and along came... a spooky spider hanging from your ceiling! These little spiders are so easy to make and can be hung indoors or outside on your porch.

All you need is:

  • some thread
  • or black wool
  • two black pipe cleaners
  • a scissors
  • 'googly eyes' – one pair per spider
  • glue



  1. Fold your pipe cleaner into three even sections and cut them all the same size
  2. Take one of the three sections and cut a section of the same length from the second pipe cleaner. You now have four ‘legs’
  3. Make a little circle for the head by wrapping the pipe cleaner around your finger twice. Twist the ends together to hold it firm
  4. Wrap the rest of the pipe cleaner around a pencil then tease it into the shape of the spider’s body.
  5. Take the first leg and feed it through the spiders body so the ends come out both sides. This will look like two legs.
  6. Do the same with the other three legs.
  7. You now have an eight legged spider – arrange the legs by bending them at the knee joints.
  8. Finish your spider off by gluing on the googly eyes
  9. Finally use the thread to hang your spiders around the house. Use different lengths of thread to make them look more natural.

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