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Good news! Money Back vouchers are on the way

We are preparing Money Back vouchers. If you had more than 250 points on the 7th February 2020 you have qualified for Money Back vouchers. As we are converting your points into vouchers your balance will change.


Q. Why has my points balance changed?

A. We have converted your Real Rewards points to Money Back vouchers. Money Back vouchers are issued in denominations of €2.50 (250 points) so you may have a points balance carried over and you may have collected more points since the 7th February 2020. The points you have carried over will be sent to you in our August Money Back mailing. 

Q. When and how will I get my Money Back vouchers?

A. Money Back vouchers will begin to land from 30th March 2020. If you are due to receive Money Back vouchers greater than €5, they will be sent to you via post OR the voucher section of your Real Rewards app. If you are due to receive €2.50 or €5 worth of Money Back vouchers, you will receive your voucher at the till when you scan your Real Rewards card in-store.

Q. Can I convert my Money Back vouchers back to points?

A. No they cannot be converted back into points.

Q. How can I find out how much Money Back vouchers I am getting?

A. You can check your statement on the Real Rewards app.

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