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Get DOUBLE VALUE! Save up to €10 on your next Electric Ireland bill

Use your Real Rewards points or Money Back Vouchers to save money on your Electric Ireland electricity or gas bill. Use 250 points or €2.50 Money Back voucher to get €5 off or use 500points or €5 Money Back voucher to get €10 off your bill.

To use your Money Back voucher, simply login to your Electric Ireland Rewards account at electricirelandawards.ie and enter your voucher code.

How to use your points to get money off your bill:

  1. Choose to use 250 points or 500 points and click ‘Get voucher code’ to get a 9 digit voucher code.
  2. Note the code as you will need to enter it into your Electric Ireland Rewards account to apple the discount.
  3. Log into your Electric Ireland Rewards account at electricirelandrewards.ie
  4. Type your voucher code into the ‘redeem SuperValu voucher’ section.
  5. The discount will be applied to the Electric Ireland account you choose and will be shown on your bill.

Terms & conditions

  • You must be a registered member of Electric Ireland Loyalty Programme and a registered member of SuperValu Real Rewards to participate. Only one reward card can be registered. You must complete the Registration Form providing all mandatory details and preferences where indicated to register a SuperValu card. You agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Electric Ireland Loyalty programme and the SuperValu Real Rewards programme.
  • Customers will receive SuperValu Real Rewards points for payments made on their energy bill, after their SuperValu card has been registered with Electric Ireland. Customers who fail to register a valid SuperValu Real Rewards account with Electric Ireland, cannot receive points retrospectively.
  • Customers can register up to two Electric Ireland accounts for earning SuperValu Real Rewards points. Once you have registered a SuperValu Real Rewards card number, you will be awarded 1 SuperValu Real Rewards point for every €3 paid to Electric Ireland on the registered account(s) (this is subject to change at the discretion of SuperValu and Electric Ireland). You can redeem your SuperValu Real Rewards Card points in line with SuperValu’s Terms and Conditions which can be found at here
  • The 400 welcome points offer will be available from 10th October 2020 to 10th November 2020. Any customer who links their Electric Ireland and Real Rewards account for the first time will qualify. 
  • It may take up to 30 days for your points to appear after you pay your bill due to postal or banking delays outside our control. You can review your points earned on your Electric Ireland Loyalty Programme web account.
  • Electric Ireland will update Musgrave with the points you have earned once the points are logged to your Electric Ireland Loyalty account. In order for your points to be awarded to your SuperValu Real Rewards account , Electric Ireland will provide Musgrave with your rewards card number and unique identification number, along with information related to payments made on your energy account(s). By registering, you are confirming that you are happy for us to pass this information to Musgrave in order that points can be correctly allocated to your account.
  • If your SuperValu Real Rewards card number changes, you must update your number on the Electric Ireland Rewards website.
  • SuperValu Real Rewards Points Points cannot be earned for:
    • a credit placed on your Electric Ireland account and then refunded by us before your next bill is due
    • payment of a security deposit to Electric Ireland
    • payment for the re-energisation of a property by Electric Ireland
    • payment against an energy bill which is more than 60 days overdue
  • You may be entitled to earn additional SuperValu points from time to time via additional offers at the discretion of Electric Ireland and Musgrave. We will communicate with you about these selected offers in SuperValu stores, by email or text message.
  • We reserve the right to vary these Terms and Conditions at any time and will notify you of the proposed changes. By continuing to use the Electric Ireland Rewards Programme website and avail of SuperValu Real Rewards scheme after being notified of the changes you will be deemed to have accepted such changes.
  • Electric Ireland will routinely check the status of your electricity and/or gas account to ensure you remain an active customer and the status of your account.
  • Electric Ireland will routinely check the validity of your SuperValu Real Rewards card to ensure the card is active.
  • Electric Ireland and Musgrave reserve the right to suspend or terminate your use of the Electric Ireland Rewards website and/or the SuperValu Real Rewards programme at any time if you do not adhere to these Terms and Conditions of use.
  • Musgrave reserves the right to suspend or terminate the promotion in any particular SuperValu store
  • Neither Electric Ireland or Musgrave shall be liable for any loss suffered by any person or be deemed to be in default for any delays or failures in performance hereunder resulting from acts or causes beyond the reasonable control of Electric Ireland and/or Musgrave.
  • Electric Ireland may share your personal data with Musgrave or vice versa, to the extent necessary for the efficient and effective administration of the scheme. Electric Ireland and Musgrave will ensure that any personal data so disclosed will only be used for such purposes.

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