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Save up to €10 on your next Electric Ireland bill

Use your Real Rewards points or Money Back vouchers to save money on your Electric Ireland electricity or gas bill. Use 250 points/€2.50 Money Back voucher to get €5 OFF or 500 points/€5 Money Back voucher to get €10 OFF your bill. 

To use your Money Back vouchers, simply log into your Electric Ireland Rewards account at electricirelandrewards.ie and enter your voucher code.

How to use points to get money off your bills:

  1. Choose to use 250 points or 500 points and click ‘Get voucher code’ to get a 9 digit voucher code

  2. Note the code as you will need to enter it into your Electric Ireland Rewards account to apply the discount

  3. Log into your Electric Ireland Rewards account at electricirelandrewards.ie

  4. Type your voucher code into the “redeem SuperValu voucher” section

  5. The discount will be applied to the Electric Ireland account you choose and will be shown as a discount on your next bill

And remember, you can use two 250 points/€2.50 Money Back vouchers per bill or one 500 points/€5 Money Back voucher per bill. If you have dual accounts you can use two €2.50 vouchers or one €5 voucher on both accounts.

Terms & conditions

  • Use 250 or 500 Real Rewards points to get a €5/€10 voucher code.

  • The value of a voucher is €5/€10 credit against the Electric Ireland account(s) registered on Electric Ireland Loyalty Programme.

  • The value of a voucher is €5 or €10 when it is used at www.electricirelandrewards.ie.

  • Members can use up to 2 voucher codes per bill only.

  • If you have registered 2 accounts on the Electric Ireland Loyalty Programme, i.e. a gas and electricity account, you can use up to 2 voucher codes on each energy account in any given billing period.

  • A voucher code cannot be used twice (i.e. it cannot be redeemed against both a gas bill and an electricity bill).

  • Vouchers are time bound (i.e. may only be used within specific time periods), are non-transferable and can only be used as a credit against the registered Electric Ireland account holder’s account.

  • Vouchers will only be credited against the customer’s energy bill and cannot be provided as cash if the customer’s account is in credit. There is no cash alternative to the voucher.

Link your Real Rewards and Electric Ireland accounts today and start saving

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