Reading Activity sheets

The 20buzz 20about 20bees

We have created the following Reading Activity sheets which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

You can ask pupils to work individually or in pairs to complete each Reading Activity, and then talk about it.

Once you know the BUZZ About BEES why not take the A to Z of Bees Challenge?

You can download the answer sheet here.

  1. What is pollination?
  2. What is a pollinator?
  3. What do bees eat?
  4. Why is pollination important?
  5. Why do we need fruit & vegetables?
  6. What fruits need bees?
  7. What vegetables need bees?
  8. Bees are friendly.
  9. Are pollinators in danger?
  10. Are there different types of bees?
  11. What is a honeybee?
  12. What is a bumblebee?
  13. What is a solitary bee?

Are you ready to take the A to Z of Bees Challenge?

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