Cashel Blue

Cashel Blue is the creation of Jane and Louis Grubb, a husband and wife team with vision and commitment to rural Ireland, creative flair and a desire to build a future for their farm.

Cashel Blue was the first farmhouse blue cheese ever made in Ireland, and hails from the edge of Ireland’s Golden Vale, a region with a strong tradition of dairy farming, cheddar and butter making. Cashel Blue is the original non-Stilton style blue to be made in either Ireland or Britain, and is a recognized brand in the international specialty cheese sector. To this day Cashel Blue is uniquely handmade and matured on Beechmount Farm by two generations of family and staff.

Cashel Blue 750g

Cashel Blue is a blue with a balanced rich flavour, offering a distinct blue character without being overtly strong or spicy. It is a hand made, semi-soft blue-veined Friesian cows milk cheese made from pasteurised whole milk. Cashel Blue is gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

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