Staying active

COVID-19 has taken its toll on us all! Most of us are spending all days indoors. We are often surrounded by other people and activity. Whether we are working, studying or have time off it is likely we are spending a lot of time sitting and staring at our screens! For autistic people, this time can be particularly tough – not having space, certainty or your usual routine. It is easy for anxiety to take hold particularly when we have lots of unused energy for it to feed off! Many autistic people are finding it hard to manage emotions, the sensory environment and energy levels at this time and this in turn can to stress, anxiety or even experiencing a meltdown.

Did you know that physical activity can help you to self-regulate and has a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing for everyone? This week, SuperValu and AsIAm want to challenge autistic people and family members to our #StayActiveChallenge. In association with our friends in the CARA Centre for Inclusive Sport, we are delighted to share some fun activities to get everyone in your home moving – this will not only help self-regulation but will help fight any boredom which might be setting in!

Why not try the activity circuit below, record yourself trying one of the activities and share it on social media using our hashtag? Maybe you have your own favourite movement activities and we would love to see these too! We will be providing spot prizes throughout the week and also sharing a number of autistic people’s own staying active stories!



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