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Kevin’s Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Kevin’s Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Of all the biscuit cakes I ever made this one is by far and away the favourite and it is 'suitable' for adults and children alike!

serving people: 4
cooking time: 15

Steak 450x220px

Steak with Improper Blue Cheese Butter

Succulent steak topped with Improper blue cheese butter.

serving people: 4
cooking time: 10

Raspberry muffin

Raspberry, Banana & Pecan Breakfast Muffins

These muffins are sweetened only by the natural sugar in the fruit, making them a healthy treat for any time of the day. Omit the nuts if allergic or packing them in a school lunchbox. They are ideal for using up overripe bananas, which often tend to lurk in the fruit bowl. They are perfect for freezing and can be taken out the night before as necessary.

serving people: 12
cooking time: 30

Med veg lasagne recipe

Veg and Cheddar Lasagne

This is absolutely a favourite!  The grilled veg used are totally interchangeable with whatever your preferences and the time of the year.  It’s the roasted garlic and sun-dried tomatoes that make the tomato sauce stand out from the crowd.

serving people: 8
cooking time: 80

Jambalaya recipe

Chorizo and Prawn Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a traditional rice dish from Louisiana that’s packed full of vegetables, meat and fish. Besides being super tasty and filling, this is quick and easy to prepare. If buying frozen prawns, a 250g bag should give the required amount once thawed and drained.

serving people: 4
cooking time: 35