These scary balloon ghosts will have everyone spooked on Halloween night. They really fly too...BOO!

Things you will need:

  • A white balloon
  • Two white plastic bags
  • A black marker

What to do:

  1. Cut the handles off two white plastic bags. If there are coloured logos on the bags, cut them off also.
  2. Leaving the seam at the bottom of the bags, cut the bags into strips.
  3. Blow up a white balloon.
  4. Tape the plastic bags around the end of the balloon, in a circle a few inches from the end of the balloon. If you plan on hanging the ghost up as a decoration, tape the plastic bags around the plain end, leaving the tied end of the balloon exposed so you can tie a string to the top of the ghost.
  5. Using a black marker, draw two eyes and a mouth on the balloon.
  6. You now have a spooky ghost that you can use as a Halloween decoration or as a toy (but not for very young children).

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