A gluten free christmas

A Coeliac survival guide for the festive season, Coeliac Society of Ireland.

It's time to start thinking Christmas. While most people plan their Christmas menu ahead of time, going 'gluten free' takes a little more work than usual.

Check it Twice, we are not talking about Santa's list, grocery shopping is one of the biggest jobs at Christmas so to simplify the task make a master-shopping list of all gluten free ingredients you will need.

Buy all non-perishable gluten free goods, wines and spirits well in advance as we would have them stocked as early as October. Be sure to check the Coeliac Society of Ireland - Gluten Free Survival Guide for hints and tips this festive season.

Perishable gluten free foods don't need to be bought on Christmas Eve. Buy them a day or two before and store them in the refrigerator.

The Coeliac 

Coeliac Society of Ireland

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The Coeliac Society of Ireland has been providing support and information to Coeliacs for 43 years, the only organisation to do so in Ireland. As a membership organisation, the Society was established by Coeliacs and medical professionals as a charity, carrying out services to over 6,000 members daily. Each year the Society produces what many members refer to as 'the bible' which is the Food List booklet, a guide to everything gluten free from baby food to alcohol.

Membership is currently €30 annually, with a biannual magazine, a monthly ezine, events and support groups.

You can also find the Society on Facebook and Twitter, a hub for discussion and ideas.

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