Ossau Iraty

Name: Ossau Iraty

Country Of Origin: France

Milk Type: Sheep's milk

Pasteurised/Unpasteurised: Unpasteurised and pasteurised sheep's milk

Style: Hard, Sheep's

Rennet: Traditional Animal Rennet


Ossau Iraty has very sweet and nutty flavours with hints of the earth coming through also.



This hard sheep’s milk from France has very sweet and nutty flavours, with hints of the earth coming through. Try it on your cheeseboard with sliced apple and a handful of olives.


Pairing Recommendations

When serving, Ossau-Iraty cheese goes well with fruits, such as apples or pears, with cured meats such as dry sausages and prosciutto, or with fresh vegetables and olives. Robust red wines such as hearty Bordeaux or a red Rhône are good wines to serve with this type of cheese.





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