French Raclette

Name: French Raclette

Country Of Origin: France

Region: Made on both sides of the French and Swiss Alps

Milk Type: Cow’s Milk

Pasteurised/Unpasteurised: Pasteurised milk

Style: Hard

Rennet Type: Animal Rennet


French Raclette has a smooth creamy taste with a very strong aroma.



This hard cheese from the Alpine region of France has a smooth and creamy feel on the palate, along with a distinctively strong aroma. Serve it melted on your potato gratin with bacon for some classic French comfort food.


Pairing Recommendations

Wine pairings for the raclette include any rich red wine. Because it is traditionally a regional dish, try pairing it with wines made around the Alps such as Alsace.  For white wine lovers, pair it with a rich and fruity wine such as a Pinot Gris.





World Cheese Awards - Gold

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