Crozier Blue

Name: Crozier Blue

Country Of Origin: Ireland

Region: Co. Tipperary

Milk Type: Sheep's milk

Pasteurised/Unpasteurised: Pasteurised milk

Style: Semi-soft, Blue

Rennet Type: Vegetarian


Crozier blue has a rich, full well rounded flavour, it is saltier and richer than Cashel, but similar to Cashel the blue has little sting or harshness about it.



A sister cheese of Cashel Blue from Co. Tipperary. Saltier and richer than the Cashel, it has a lovely smooth and well-rounded flavour.  Made with sheep’s milk, Crozier Blue has attracted prestigious awards at home and abroad, including a Bronze in the Wold Cheese Awards in 2009. It offers a lovely creamy texture when matured, try it with a super-zingy glass of Riesling for best results.


Pairing Recommendations

Works well with super-zingy Riesling wines.





Great Taste Awards 2014 1 Star

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