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Easy Ways to Get Fruit and Veg Into Your Diet

We believe that there is a lot of truth in the age-old saying, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. A diet centered around fruit and veg is hugely beneficial for our health. Recent studies* have even shown that upping our daily intake from the recommended five portions a day, to eight or ten, offers the best protection against heart disease and cancer. While this may sound like a lot, it’s actually surprisingly easy to sneak fruit and veg into your day! We love the fresh fruit and vegetables aisle in our local SuperValu, great selection and variety of produce to choose from.

What is one portion of fruit or veg?

First up, let’s be clear about what counts as one portion of fruit or veg. According to the HSE, the following count as one serving size:

  • 1 medium-sized fruit: apple, orange, pear or banana
  • 2 small fruits: plums, kiwis or mandarin oranges
  • Small fruits: 6 strawberries, 10 grapes or 16 raspberries
  • Half a cup of cooked vegetables- fresh or frozen
  • 1 bowl of salad: lettuce, tomato, cucumber
  • 1 bowl of homemade vegetable soup
  • 150ml unsweetened fruit juice

The Happy Pear top 5 tips for eating more fruit and veg:

Savvy snacking
Rather than reaching for crisps or chocolate between meals, why not grab a piece of fruit instead! Fruit makes the perfect on-the-go snack; it comes in its own wrapper and very often does not need any preparation at all. We love apples or bananas dipped in tahini or nut butter for added yum factor!

Eat the rainbow
Think colour when preparing your meals! Colourful foods such as berries and spinach are all a great source of powerful antioxidants. So whether it’s pimping up your porridge with blueberries or strawberries, adding tomatoes or avocado to your sandwich, or carrots or broccoli to your dinner, be sure to include as wide a variety of colourful fruit and vegetables as possible.

Sneak vegetables into your sauces
If your kids are fussy eaters, blending vegetables into pasta sauces is a great way to sneak extra veg into their diet without them knowing. A tomato pasta sauce makes a great base for adding vegetables such as peppers, mushrooms, carrots and onions. We recommend making a bulk batch and freezing portions to have on hand for the future.

Enjoy experimenting
There are many different varieties of fruit and vegetables out there, so why not get creative and try out some of the lesser-known varieties! From purple carrots and golden beetroots to shiitake mushrooms and heirloom tomatoes, each season brings with it an abundance of produce to enjoy, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Food can be fun!
Eating healthily doesn’t have to be a chore! Getting the whole family involved in preparing food can make mealtimes a lot more interesting. Fruit skewers are a fantastic snack that our kids love to make. Decorating dishes with fun fruit or veg patterns can make a meal more interesting and help children to see veg as more than just the green stuff at the side of their plate. SuperValu Health &Wellness aisle is our go-to place to pick up nut butters, tahini or any other substitute.

Check out some recipes for inspiration below.

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