David Gillick

My life has changed somewhat over the last 12 months. Charlotte and I welcomed a little baby boy named Oscar into the world, I began to work for myself and I also went back running competitively. To say it’s different and busy is an understatement. I pay a lot of attention to my health and as a once full time athlete, I understand the importance of effects food plays on my levels of performance, which at one time was trying to run around a track as fast as possible. 

Today performance is a little different, and it revolves around being a Dad, a helping husband, paying the bills and of course getting my fix of exercise. Time is now of a premium. Charlotte and I both work and Oscar attends crèche therefore mornings and evenings can be hectic. This has had big impact on the way we now eat. We were always good at having breakfast and managed to have time to enjoy a bowl of oats, these days we need to be a little quicker out of the blocks and of course there is now three in the team.

Planning is key when it comes to food so once a week we do our weekly grocery shopping in our local SuperValu store. They have a fantastic selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, which are central ingredients in our diet. Breakfast is still of importance and we tend to blend and make smoothies more than ever. It’s healthy, fast and effective. An example of typical ingredients include oats, berries, milk, beetroot, cucumber, protein powder, greek yogurt and honey. SuperValu’s Health & Wellness aisle is my go to place for a wide selection of protein powders and healthy substitutes.

I always aim to include some veg in a smoothie along with a liquid other than juice, helps keep the sugar content down along with increasing your veg intake. We are also prone to making a big batch of over-night oats early in the week which help speed things up in the mornings as it is ready made and all you have to do is add your toppings and enjoy. Eating in between meals is important and around 11am or 3pm is when I begin to get hungry for a snack. I will always have some protein balls at hand or greek yogurt, fruit and nuts to help keep me going until my next meal. I find if I don’t snack during the day I can feel tired and lethargic both physically and mentally, along with the tendency to over eat at my next meal. My aim for snacking is to avoid high sugar snacks and also incorporate some protein. 

Dinner time can vary in our house. Charlotte and I will try to take it in turns to pick up Oscar, allowing the other to do some exercise. Dinner has become one pot dishes, really straight forward, throwing everything in a pot. Stews, casseroles or curries all work well, and as Oscar is now eating solids, we can simply blend up some for him. A big pot goes a long way and I will always try bulk it up with extra veg and mixed beans which tie over for lunch the following day. It’s a team effort, and like all new parents your find your routine… just have to remember to hold back on the chilli’s.

Check out here for some of my easy recipes for inspiration.

David Gillick will be at the SuperValu WellFood area on Saturday 6th May.

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