Online Grocery shopping app

Our Online Shopping app offers you the same special offers, fresh quality food and great service using your smartphone.

The App makes life easier by saving time, helping you to spend less and gives you the convenience of shopping on the go. With the app you can place a new order or change an existing one, shop from "My Usuals" which stores all your in-store favourites, view all our special offers and search for products by scanning a barcode from packaging at home to add to your trolley.

Simply download the app below and register here or via the app to start shopping.We currently offer a home delivery service along with click and collect.




Online Grocery shopping app


  • View our special offers.
  • View your trolley total.
  • Choose your local SuperValu online store.
  • Get Real Rewards points with every shop.
  • Scan product barcodes and add directly to trolley.
  • Book a pick up or delivery slot.
  • Amend or cancel an existing order.
  • Search for products and add to trolley.
  • Add products from My Usuals to your trolley.
  • View product ingredients and nutritional information.
  • View previous orders and add products from them.
  • Start and finish an order via your smartphone or online.


Below are frequently asked questions about the SuperValu Shopping App. If you have any queries not answered below then please email us or call us on 1890 456 828.

App Download: Google Play – Android

Q. How do I find the SuperValu Android app?

A. Launch the Google Play Market and search for SuperValu or visit

App Download: 
Apple App Store - iPhone

Q. How do I find the SuperValu iPhone app?

A. Go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for 'SuperValu' or visit

Other Devices

Q. Is the app available on other devices?

A. Sorry not yet but we are assessing the demand for the app on devices other than Android and iPhone.


Q. Do I need a SuperValu online shopping account to use the app?

A. Yes, you need to login using your online shopping account username and password.

Q. How can I register for an online shopping account?

A. Either visit or tap the register button on the app login screen and fill in your details.


Q. Can I use my SuperValu online shopping username and password to login to the app?

A. Yes you can.

Q. I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

A. Tap on the Forgot Password? Link on the app login screen and enter your email address and tap send. A new password will be emailed to you.

Your Store

Q. The store is not the one I want to shop from, how do I change it?

A. You can change the store in two ways:

1.Select a pick up store and slot time.
2.Select a delivery address.

Q. I want to add a new delivery address how can I do it?

A. Delivery address can only be added online at and not via the app, future releases may have the facility to add delivery addresses.

Q. I have selected my delivery address but the store is incorrect, how can I change it?

A. When a delivery address is setup a store is validated against it and stored in your account. To get a delivery from another store you need to add a new address (can be the same as your existing one) and validate the new store against it. Login to your online account and select the My Account link, Delivery Addresses and add the details and validate the store. 

Book a Slot

Q. If I book a delivery slot how long will it be reserved for?

A. The slot will be reserved for 2 hours, if you place your order within the 2 hours the slot you selected will be used. If the order is placed after the 2 hour limit you will be prompted to book a slot prior to checkout.

Q. If I book a slot online will my app also have it booked?

A. Yes the slot you selected online will also appear in your app, but only for 2 hours unless you place your order.

Start Shopping/Shop

Q. Can I view all the products that I see online in the app?

A. Yes all the products available on our SuperValu online shopping site are also available on the SuperValu app.

Q. How do I access detailed product information?

A. To get more detailed info about a product, you can simply tap on a product's image in a list.

Q. If I add items to my trolley in my app will they appear in my online trolley and vice-versa?

A. Yes your app/online trolley will sync with each other to ensure they are up to date.

Special Offers

Q. Does the app have all the special offers that I would see online?

A. Yes and all the special offers available in store.


Q. Will all my usuals appear on the app?

A. Yes all your usuals from online will appear on the app.

Q. How are my usuals updated?

A. When you place an online order, use your Real Rewards card in store or add an item using the favourites button the product will be added to your usuals.


Q. If I add items to my trolley in my app will they appear in my online trolley and vice-versa?

A. Yes your app/online trolley will sync with each other to ensure they are up to date.


Q. Is it safe to enter my credit card details using the app?

A. Yes the same level of security is used in the app as we use on our online shopping site.

My Orders

Q. How can I view my current and previous orders?

A. On the home page of the app you can view your current and previous orders by tapping the My Orders section.

Need Help?

Q. Can I email you with my problem?

A. Yes send an email to

Q. Does the help phone number cost me money?

A. The help phone line is a low call number 1890 456 828 so it wont cost too much, alternatively send us an email to


Q. I cannot find items when I use search but I know they are in your store.

A. We are continuously improving the search results based on our customers feedback. If you don't find the item you are looking for try using a more or less specific search term.

Changing Orders

Q. How do I change my delivery address/ delivery time , pick up store/pick up time?

A. Tap the My Orders section, select/tap the order from the Current Order section, tap the change button next to the delivery/pick up and choose the new delivery address or pick up store from the Book Slot screen.

Q. Why can’t I change my delivery address/items/cancel my order?

A. You can change these details up to 12 hours prior to the chosen pick-up/delivery slot, please contact our helpdesk on 1890 45 68 28 if the matter is urgent.

Barcode Scanner

Q. Will the barcode scanner work on all products?

A. The barcode scanner will work on most grocery products but the product does have to be available to buy in our SuperValu stores.

Real Rewards

Q. I don’t have a Real Rewards card, can I still shop using the app?

A. Yes you can, simply register without a Real Rewards card and one will be included with your first pick-up/delivery.


Q. Can I add a credit/debit card to pay with when using the app?

A. Yes you can, your credit/debit card can be added securely on the checkout payment screen and you can choose whether to save it to use for subsequent SuperValu online shopping orders.

Q. Can I pay for my shopping using my Apple App Store or Google Checkout Account?

A. Sorry not yet, but we are assessing the demand for payment using methods other than Visa, Laser and MasterCard.

Q. Can I use PayPal on the app to pay for my shopping?

A. Sorry, we currently don’t accept payment using PayPal.

Q. Can I use my Real Rewards MoneyBack to part pay for my shopping via the app?

A. Yes you can, on the checkout payment screen you can enter the amount you wish to use provided you have a MoneyBack balance and you are shopping in your home store.


Q. Is the SuperValu shopping app secure?

A. Yes it is the same secure SSL connections used on the online site is used in the app so your login and checkout process are secure.


Q. Can I use the app offline?

A. No, you need a wi-fi or 3G connection to use the SuperValu shopping app.

Bugs, Issues & Recommendations

Q. I have a problem, what do I do?

A. We value your feedback so please let us know if you are experiencing issues with our app. Simply email us or call us on 1890 456 828.

Online Grocery shopping app

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