SuperValu is on a Mission to Demystify Ireland’s ‘Fish Fear’

The leading grocery retailer is encouraging the nation to make it fish twice a week

24th May 2017: SuperValu, Ireland’s leading grocery retailer, is on a mission to demystify the nations ‘fish fear’, encouraging people to make fish part of their home-cooked repertoire at least twice a week. With expert in-store fishmongers, a mouth-watering range of the freshest fish and inspiring, easy to follow fish recipes, SuperValu is the go-to supermarket for all things fishy with the biggest fish counter in the country! 

We’re an island nation surrounded by tonnes of the freshest, most delicious fish available, and yet, we don’t consume nearly as much fish as we should for health and dietary benefits. Ireland has a reputation for having some of the best fish in the world, but cooking fish at home is limited to the types of fish we know and are comfortable with preparing. Fear not though as SuperValu has taken on the challenge of educating the nation to combat ‘fish fear’ with hints and tips on preparing and cooking fish dishes, inspiring them to put fish on the menu twice a week. 

Despite much fish fear amongst the nation, statistics have shown that fish is gaining popularity with Irish consumers and to date fish sales have grown by 10% with the most popular choice being Hake, Cod and Mussels. SuperValu stocks over 40 different types of fish in its 219 stores nationwide and the ‘Prepared By Our Fishmonger’ range is an easy, go-to option for dishes such as Fish Pie, marinated fish varieties to suit every taste and lots more healthy, hassle-free fish dishes. Interestingly, another fish trend which has emerged is “Sea Vegetables” including superfood Spirulina Flakes and Carragheen, an edible red seaweed. Sea Vegetables make a nutritious addition to any meal with high amounts of fibre and protein and are available in SuperValu. 

SuperValu is committed to its mission to get the nation cooking from scratch and eating healthy meals. For inspirational and delicious fish recipes, simple preparation and cookery tips from the SuperValu experts go to our Fish Recipes or #GetCooking