Tips for Matching Wine & Cheese

Great tips from our wine expert Kevin O'Callaghan on matching up your Wine & Cheese.

Tips for Matching Wine & Cheese

Kevin O'Callaghan tells us how to match our wine with cheese. Why not get some friends around and make an evening of it!

  • Never serve cheese straight from the fridge, it tastes better at room temperature. Arrange a platter earlier in the day and cover with a damp napkin to control humidity
  • Keep your cheese platter choices simple when accompanying a specific wine, choose just one cheese, or a selection based on a single style - all from the same milk as an example
  • When pairing a soft fresh cheese, best to choose from a fresher wine such as a young Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire or Marlborough region or an unoaked Chardonnay like a White Burgundy (Chablis)
  • Surface-mould ripened cheese is perfectly paired with a rich Chardonnay with some oak, found in Australia or whites from Minervois France.
  • Semi-hard or hard cheeses have a tangy bite and benefits from the tannin texture of red wines, like a Cabernet or Tempranillo from Rioja
  • Hard cheese like Parmesan is a great per-dinner treat and is great with a good glass of bubble to get people in the mood for a great evening
  • If in doubt go for a good port of sparkling - always a good choice!

Kevin O'Callaghan

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