When: Thursday 23rd June, 6.30 - 10pm

Where: Secret Garden, Avila Centre, Bloomfield Avenue, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

The summer season was kicked off in the most perfect way by sampling some of SuperValu’s Specially Sourced wines and some of SuperValu’s tastiest summer food in one of Dublin’s best kept secret locations.

Following on from the success of 2015, we once again brought some new and exciting additions to our Specially Sourced range, with twelve winemakers and experts from around the world joining us for an evening of wine expertise. These winemakers and experts were on hand to share their wine wisdom with guests as well as offering advice and their own personal wine stories.

Winemakers & Experts which attended included:

• ARNAULD GOICHOT of Maison André Goichot, Burgundy
• GARY JANES of Nugan Estate Wines, Australia,
• MIRELLA GIUDETTI of Castellani, Italy
• MARIA SOLEDAD ADRIASOLA LANG of Barone Montalto, Italy
• ERIC BANTEGNIES of Vignoble Bertinerie, Bordeaux
• SAMUEL MONTGERMONT of Les Grandes Serres, Rhone Valley
• MARC VAPPERAU of Foucher Lebrun Loire Valley
• VICENTE CASAS of Vinos Guerra Spain
• THOMAS VERDEIL of Les Domaines Auriol, Sud de France
• PABLO SAMPEDRO of Bodegas Covila, Spain
• SERENA SARTORE of Vinicola Tombacco Srl, Italy
• CÉCILE JACQUARD of Saget La Perrière, Loire Valley

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