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Donegal is a county of boring BBQers, SuperValu reveal 48% of people cook the same meat every time they BBQ!
SuperValu encourage people in Donegal to become adventurous on the BBQ this summer.

As 58% of people in Donegal get ready to fire up the BBQ this summer SuperValu have revealed that the people of Donegal are boring BBQers. People from Donegal keep returning to sausages, chicken and burgers as their meat of choice during BBQ season while surprisingly less than ten percent are planning on cooking one of the most delicious cuts of meat, a steak, on the BBQ this summer. Over the coming months SuperValu is encouraging people in Donegal to #LoveMeat and think outside the box for not only their BBQs but all their summer meals.

Irish meat, and in particular Irish beef, is recognised for its quality across the globe and SuperValu’s survey results reveal quality is the most important consideration for people when buying meat followed closely by taste, range and value which means SuperValu meat is the perfect choice for any occasion this summer. Irish Beef is one of the most popular choices of meat and SuperValu’s beef is sourced from over 16,500 farms across Ireland.

With quality at the core of everything SuperValu do it’s no surprise SuperValu meat is the most awarded in Ireland, all SuperValu’s own brand meat is sourced in Ireland, Bord Bia certified and quality assured.

Chef Kevin Dundon said “As a chef, I am very particular about the quality of the meat I use in any dish. For me quality is of the upmost importance not only for taste but also to get the best for your diet. As people are reducing the amount of meat they eat therefore it is even more important to ensure that what you purchase is top quality Irish meat, sustainably farmed and sold through robust food safety systems. Meat is versatile, particularly when barbequing and with the right recipes and guidance from your local SuperValu butcher it’s easy to prepare a great meal for any occasion.”


Survey results also highlighted getting the freshest and best meat is why people chose to buy meat from the butcher counter. SuperValu stores in Donegal have 10 butchers working across 7 stores with over 230 years of combined experience so shoppers are guaranteed the best advice at the counter. When visiting their local SuperValu butcher, the people of Donegal continue to opt for Steak as their cut of choice; Striploin Steak continues to prove the most popular cut followed closely behind by Round Roast.

Dietician Aveen Bannon said “Meat, and in particular Beef, is not only a good source of protein but an important source of nutrients. Beef is rich in Iron and Vitamin B12 and can be part of a healthy balanced diet. However, quality is crucial when buying beef so ensuring you buy the best possible beef from a butcher you trust such as your local SuperValu Butcher is important.”



For further inspiration check out the SuperValu #LoveMeat hub for a host of delicious and healthy recipes to spice up your summer meals from BBQ Beef Brisket to Beef Tagine with Cous Cous.

Love Meat? It's Got To Be SuperValu!

SuperValu Love Meat Donegal Carndonagh

Pictured: Butcher Michael Maloney, SuperValu Carndonagh

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