Daily Staples

Make the most of your daily staples with these tips.

Making the most of our daily staples

We're all familiar with the food pyramid. This shows us the balance of things that we should eat everyday and so contains most things that we would typically buy every week. We've put together some handy tips so you can make these daily staples go further

FoodPyramid dailyStaples

1. Stock up on fresh meat special offers and freeze them for another day. Just portion them into sandwich bags and pop them in the freezer. Meat leftovers can be used to make sandwiches and stock.

2. Keep fresh fruit and veg (excluding bananas) in the fridge to keep them fresher for longer.

3. Bring fruit from the fridge to room temperature prior to eating. Create smoothies easily with a food blender and some yoghurt.

4. Measure rice as directed to avoid waste. Left over potatoes can be added to soups or mashed into potato cakes.

5. Put half your loaf of bread in a freezer bag or suitable container to use at a later date or to take out slice by slice.

6. Turn leftover bread into breadcrumbs and freeze them to use for crumble toppings, stuffing, thickenings for sauces, coating with egg and breadcrumbs etc.

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