Kilmeaden Cheddar White & Mellow

A rounded mature cheese flavour with a sweet note.

Kilmeaden Cheddar White & Mellow

Name: Kilmeaden Cheddar White & Mellow

Country Of Origin: Ireland

Milk Type: Cow’s Milk

Pasteurised/Unpasteurised: Pasteurised milk

Style: Hard

Rennet Type: Vegetarian


A rounded mature cheese flavour with a sweet note.



Kilmeaden is an award-winning cheddar cheese made from a unique, traditional recipe dating back to 1965.   Kilmeaden is renowned for its superior quality and unique taste, thanks to the traditional craftsmanship and care that goes into every block.  The quality and uniqueness can be attributed to the strict selection process that is used in making Kilmeaden cheese.   Only summer milk is used to ensure the best possible taste, while a full time Irish cheese grader tastes Kilmeaden on a regular basis to ensure only the best cheese goes into Kilmeaden, hence our promise that we “select the best, and take away the rest”.  Typically matured for 10 months, Kilmeaden cheese is given all the time it needs to develop its rich, distinctive flavour and taste.  It’s this unique process that makes Kilmeaden ‘The Fillet of Cheddar’ and Ireland’s No.1 cheddar block brand.





Irish Cheese Awards 2014 - Gold

International Cheese Awards 2014 - Gold

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