How To Get Involved

How to Get Involved in TidyTowns

If you would like to volunteer and become a member of a SuperValu TidyTowns Group.

  • Firstly you can contact your local SuperValu TidyTowns Group directly.
  • If you see SuperValu TidyTowns volunteers working locally, maybe ask them about joining, or ask in your local SuperValu store.
  • Neighbours or friends may be involved in the committee, ask them what is involved & see if this is something you would like to get involved with.

The Benefits of being a volunteer

  • Look up
  • What you need to know

    - What skills and talents do you possess to help contribute?
    - Do you work well within a team or on a one-to-one basis?
    - Would you prefer to do something in an area that experience of or would you prefer the challenge of doing something new?

  • Why volunteer?

    - A way to meet new people, while giving something back to your community.
    - Utilising your skills and talents, while developing new ones along the way.
    - Taking responsibility by becoming an active member of your community.
    - A way to make a difference

Furthermore, you can contact the TidyTowns Unit:


Finally, if there is a local TidyTowns committee already in place, you can find them on

How to set up a New TidyTowns Committee

Getting started is the most important issue, and this can begin with a sub-group of an existing body or simply concerned individuals coming together with a common or shared purpose.

Why? As shown throughout the country in towns, villages and neighbourhoods of all sizes, the actions of a local Group participating in TidyTowns and similar initiatives can greatly improve the sense of community, quality of people’s lives and local environments.

Benefits of setting up a SuperValu TidyTowns Group

It is important to remember that environmental improvement is a vital part of economic regeneration. An area that looks good has a better chance to thrive – as well as being a nice place to live.

 The very act of environmental improvement:

  1. Creates jobs
  2. Raises property values
  3. Stimulates the local economy

Kick-starting interest in setting up a TidyTowns Group begins by holding a public meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to give people in the community a clear idea of what needs to be done and prepare the platform for future activities and broader participation.

In planning the first meeting some of the ways to advertise include:

  • Approach your local SuperValu Store
  • Writing to the local paper
  • Phoning your local radio station
  • Advertising on notice boards in the local shops, school, library, community centre, sports clubs or on any locally-used web-sites
  • Distributing leaflets in your area
  • Asking friends or local people who may be interested. At the first meeting about half-a-dozen people should be picked to get the Group going. 

Role Selection for the  SuperValu TidyTowns Group

Others will join in if they see that something interesting is happening.

  • Look for a range of talents and skills among those interested
  • Based on their commercial and professional activities
  • Particular expertise  or interests along with a  passion for the ideas.

Try where possible to have members from different parts of the community and from different backgrounds and age groups. In each subsequent year an effort should be made to attract some new members into the Group. This will ensure that the same people are not expected to drive activities all the time and it also renews the energy and commitment of the participants as well as proving an opportunity to broaden representation where possible.

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