Sourcing for Good

SuperValu are committed to remaining the largest supporter of the Irish Food Industry and to sourcing sustainably and ethically.

Fair and sustainable farming

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To Farmers, farming isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life. That’s why, to help our farmers produce the very best food, we developed the SuperValu Sustainable Farming Programme, the first retailer-farmer development programme in Ireland. The aim of the programme is to improve food quality through farm efficiency. With the help and encouragement of experts in Kepak and Teagasc, SuperValu farmers get advice on key areas of farm management, sustainability and breeding. This ensures best practice in feed and living environments as well as grassland management. After all, better farms mean better food, which means SuperValu customers have even more reasons to feel confident that the food on their plate is both healthy and delicious. 

In 2018, SuperValu and its Beef Suppliers Kepak & ABP published ‘Beef Producer Guidelines’ , followed by “Lamb Producer Guidelines developed by Kepak Lamb and the Supervalu Quality Team in 2021. Both Guidelines support farmers in producing best-in-class Beef and Lamb to deliver consistently on quality while maintaining a sustainable production system. These guidelines cover off all aspects of on farm production, animal health and welfare, market specifications, and measuring performance on farm. All these factors contribute to high animal welfare and food safety, as well as sustaining and enhancing the quality of Irish Beef and lamb for consumers, while protecting the natural environment and biodiversity for years to come.

In addition to Bord Bia approval, all SuperValu branded Bacon has DNA Traceback to the Irish Boar database. SuperValu is the first retailer in the world to adopt this technology for pigmeat. This gives extra re-assurance to customers on our traceability and commitment to 100% Irish Pig Meat. 

SuperValu also work closely with Manor Farm. In 2018 we launched a Poultry Grower of the Year Award. This recognises excellence in the supply chain, by promoting safer practices that produce healthier birds and better yield profit for the Grower and therefore making it more sustainable business. 

Local Sourcing

SuperValu, in partnership with Guaranteed Irish, champion Irish food and drink producers.  

At SuperValu, we believe in buying Irish and supporting local, and for every €1 spent on Irish goods, €5 comes back to the Irish economy. We are the greatest supporters of local supporting over 1,800 Irish suppliers.100% of SuperValu’s branded meat, including beef, lamb, pork, bacon, chicken & eggs is Bord Bia approved and born, bred, and reared in Ireland, and milk for SuperValu’s own brand range is 100% Irish, sourced from creameries throughout the Republic of Ireland. 

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Our stores hire from the local community, and we invest substantially in our people, with a range of in-store experts, including butchers, fishmongers, and bakers. As SuperValu stores are independently owned and operated, we can source directly from local suppliers on a one-to-one basis, which means there are products available on our shelves that are not sold anywhere else. SuperValu’s Food Academy program also works with over 300 small producers and supports over 1500 Irish jobs. This year we are introducing a sustainability module for Food Academy suppliers to help these suppliers build a sustainable business too. 


Fairtrade guarantees that farmers receive a fair price for their crops, helping towards a better life for growers and their families.   

Our organic bananas with the Fairtrade label offer the producer families in developing countries direct access to an international market and it is hoped that by learning to market their own produce at a reasonable price, Fairtrade producers will become independent in the long run, helping them to improve fruit quality and secure a future for their families. 

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Farmers are guaranteed a minimum price for their goods and a portion of every one of your Fairtrade purchases contributes to a social premium (a kind of communal fund) managed by the farmers themselves. This premium funds education, housing, microloans, health and sustainability projects and other social and economic initiatives in the community. 

Frank & Honest

Frank and Honest house blend coffee is 100% Rainforest Alliance certified.  Since 1995, the Rainforest Alliance has strengthened the position of sustainable coffee farmers and the Rainforest Alliance Certified TM seal is awarded to farms, forests, and businesses that meet rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.  This helps ensure long term sector sustainability which improves farmer livelihoods and the health and well-being of communities, whilst protecting natural resources and landscapes.  Our Frank and Honest takeaway cups and lids are fully compostable. The cups are manufactured in Ireland by Cup Print in Co. Clare.

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At SuperValu we stock Irelands largest organic produce range. We supply over 50 Organic lines in store each year. Most of our organic produce can be got throughout the whole year. As many organic produce is impacted by seasonality, (due to the lack of fertiliser used) we only supply each line when they are in season.  All our organic produce is Pesticide free. Organic produce is grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals- not only does this keep these chemicals off of your plate but the organic growing process is also beneficial to water quality as it does not pollute water sources with pesticides. 

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At SuperValu we work in partnership with Irish growers sourcing as much Irish stock as possible, supporting our local farmers and reducing air miles at the same time.  Committed to improving the sustainability of all of our packaging, 70% of our Organics produce range now comes in compostable packaging. 

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