Caring for the Planet

SuperValu are committed to making 100% of our own brand packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. We are also committed to reducing our carbon emissions to be Net Zero carbon by 2040.

Energy and Carbon reduction

SV Sustainability Fund 1440x550px V01On 15th June 2022, SuperValu announced a €25 million investment in energy and carbon reduction in our stores on our path to Net Zero by 2040.  We will do this through freezer upgrades, refrigeration upgrades, LED lighting, solar panels and digital price labels.  The energy saved is equivalent to powering 3,000 homes per year

  • Since announcing the investment, 77 SuperValu stores in the Republic of Ireland have availed of the fund. These retailers have achieved a reduction of 2,094 tonnes of carbon through the Musgrave Sustainability Fund already, which is equivalent to planting 78,615 trees.
  • Over the past six months alone, SuperValu retailers have installed 5,322 solar panels, saving enough energy to power 435 homes annually.
  • In addition, SuperValu retailers have now saved 182,000 sheets of paper with the installation of eSELs in 2022.
  • Many other stores upgraded their refrigeration, freezers and lighting using the sustainability fund.


SuperValu are on a mission to make packaging as sustainable as possible. At SuperValu we are committed to helping our customers make more sustainable choices. SuperValu are committed to making 100% of SuperValu own-brand packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. Reducing our environmental impact on the planet is a key focus for SuperValu and we have already made significant steps towards our 2025 goals. 

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  • 96% of our own brand packaging is either recyclable, reusable or compostable.  Look out for the green triangle on our SuperValu own brand packaging for more information.
  • In 2022, SuperValu removed over 35 tonnes of plastic packaging while 376 tonnes of non-recyclable black plastic trays across fresh meat and fish changed over to recyclable clear plastic. We replaced the plastic packaging on SuperValu Apples and Pears with cardboard which removed over 27 tonnes of plastic annually.
  • In 2021, we replaced 258 tonnes of plastic packaging with a more sustainable solution, some changes include:  SuperValu Snack Pack bananas plastic bag was replaced with a recyclable paper band.  Our Irish grown SuperValu Signature Tastes Maris Piper potatoes and Signature Tastes Rooster potatoes 2.5kg now come in 100% recyclable paper bags.  SuperValu Organic Irish carrots now come in a compostable bag.  
  • We have introduced fully compostable packaging across 70% of our organic produce lines, including avocados, cucumber, and leeks.  
  • In 2019, SuperValu introduced Ireland’s first compostable reusable shopping bags and as a result, 8.9 million plastic bags have been replaced with compostable material.



SuperValu is committed to sending no recoverable waste to landfill. 

  • In 2021, over 236,850 meals were donated from SuperValu stores to Food Cloud. 



The air we breathe and the food we eat all rely on biodiversity. We have partnered with the National Biodiversity Data Centre to assist us in our goal in helping the biodiversity of Ireland. We are currently funding a Project Officer position in the NBDC. This position is vital in the fight against the decline of our Irish bee population and helping to preserve Irelands biodiversity.

100% compostable reusable shopping bag

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In 2019 SuperValu was the FIRST Irish Supermarket to introduce 100% Compostable Reusable Shopping Bags.  Unlike a standard plastic bag, the SuperValu 100% Compostable Reusable Shopping Bag is made from renewable materials, can be used again and again and then at the of its life can be disposed of in the brown compostable bin. This means that unlike standard plastic bags, which breaks down into micro-plastics, polluting our soils and water, the Supervalu compostable bag breaks down into harmless materials - namely water, C02 and organic matter - without causing harm to the environment.

Then, in 2021 SuperValu took this one step further by offsetting any emissions created within the life cycle of the Compostable Reusable Shopping Bag. The SuperValu 100% Compostable Reusable Shopping Bag became the first reusable bag in Europe to gain Carbon Neutral Certification. This was achieved by working with Climatecare, a certified B Corporation with 20 years’ experience as a leader in the climate change sector. Together SuperValu and our supplier GreenAware purchased carbon credits to the value of the carbon created through the whole life cycle of the Compostable Reusable Shopping Bags. The funds are then used to support projects that help to mitigate against the effects of climate change while also providing real social benefits. These include, wind farm developments and sustainable cooking stoves. Climatecare were the chosen partner as they undertake the market’s most extensive quality assurance and due diligence process, which ensures that all carbon offsetting projects are certified to the leading carbon market standards such as the Gold Standard and Verra.

Since launching our compostable reusable shopping bag, 8.9 million plastic bags have been replaced with compostable material.

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