Sustainable Farming Programme

Better farms mean better food.

Sustainable Farming Programme

To get to the heart of our story, you have to start at the very beginning, with the farmers who are at the very essence of what makes our food so special.

Sustainable Farming Programme


To them farming isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life.


That’s why, to help our farmers produce the very best food, we have developed the SuperValu Sustainable Farming Programme.


We are the first and only retailer in Ireland to support our farmers with such an initiative.


The aim of the programme is to improve food quality through farm efficiency.


With the help and encouragement of experts in Kepak and Teagasc, SuperValu farmers get advice on key areas of farm management, sustainability and breeding.


This ensures best practice in feed and living environments as well as grassland management.


After all, better farms mean better food, which means SuperValu customers have even more reasons to feel confident that the food on their plate is both healthy and delicious. 

Gerry Coyle
SuperValu Lamb Farmer
Co Roscommon

I wouldn’t supply anything to SuperValu that I wouldn’t be happy to serve to my own family. 

Gerry Coyle SuperValu Lamb FarmerWith a farm bordering on a national heritage area, Gerry’s sheep are free to pasture on wild, unspoilt countryside. Farming for over 35 years, Gerry is proud to be a SuperValu supplier. He knows through personal experience that the meat sold in SuperValu is both 100% Irish and of the finest possible quality. The way Gerry sees it; the very fact that SuperValu support him is absolute proof of the quality of his produce.

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