Supplier Development Programme

Helping small Irish businesses flourish and promoting sustainable Irish jobs.

Supplier Development Programme

The SuperValu Supplier Development Programme is our unique way of helping small Irish businesses flourish and promoting sustainable Irish jobs.

Supplier Development Programme

Supported by Enterprise Ireland, SuperValu mentor and provide practical support to a huge range of Irish suppliers giving them meaningful insights on how to upscale, market and grow their business.


Suppliers are a crucial ingredient in the SuperValu food story. That’s why SuperValu, more than any other retailer, are happy to invest so much time and energy in helping Irish suppliers.


This means our suppliers can source the very best produce and use only the best quality methods to bring SuperValu customers the finest quality food.


The results to date are inspiring. Over the past few years 35 companies have participated in the programme leading to the creation of many new Irish jobs and of course plenty of happy customers who enjoy the food.



Meet Our Fishermen

Michael Keohane
Keohane's Seafoods
Co Cork

SuperValu helped us with every aspect of business and product development, helping us to meet all the right people. Our business has grown significantly as a result.

Michael Keohane, Keohane's SeafoodsOne such company that has reaped the benefits of the SuperValu Supplier Development Programme is father and son team, Michael and Coleman Keohane. Both had spent many years working in the fishing industry but felt the time had come to try something new.

As Michael says, "We knew from a lot of sources that SuperValu had a genuine interest in promoting Irish producers so we were delighted to discover just how genuine that interest was."

In a country that is literally surrounded by the sea, Michael and Coleman were amazed at how little fish made it onto the plate of Irish consumers. Realising that the smell of fish cooking was one of the reasons people avoided it, the Keohanes created an innovative fish product that is fully microwavable in pack, the first of its kind in Europe and available only in SuperValu.

Three years on and the Keohane’s are still reaping the benefits of their participation in the programme. Equipped with a fuller understanding of branding, marketing and retailer trading, business is booming and the Keohanes have become recognised as true leaders in the supply of easy-to-prepare fish and seafood to SuperValu supermarkets all over Ireland.


Ken Ecock
Dunns Seafare
Co Dublin

We are proud to work closely with Irish fishermen supplying SuperValu with locally caught fish.

Ken Ecock, Dunns SeafareKen Ecock’s family supplies the majority of the fresh fish for our fishmonger counters as well as mouthwatering smoked salmon, prawns and fish fingers.

Before the sun is even up, Ken is out chatting to fishermen and making sure he gets his hands on the best fish every morning. As soon as the catch is brought in at Howth, it is hand filleted and then delivered fresh to our fish counters.

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