Tom Durcan's Spiced Beef

Why not try something a little different this week with Tom Durcan's famous spiced beef.

Tom durcan spiced beef

Why not try something a little different this week?

Tom Durcan's famous butcher shop, founded in 1985, is located next to the fountain in Cork's Old English Market, a historical landmark building in Cork City centre.

Tom's ethos is to always have fresh, Irish prime-quality meat available that is locally sourced, specially butchered, and is used by the best restaurants in the country.

The trick to fantastic spiced beef is in his secret spice cure. Success, he says, comes from the infusion of the salt and spices in boiling water, before cooling and adding the meat. Joints are left in the cure for at least a month, preferably two months, and stirred every day to ensure the marinade infuses throughout. Tom chooses his meat from the eye of the round cut, next to the topside.

Tom's own personal favourite way of enjoying his spiced beef is served cold and sliced, with caramelised Spanish onions, on crusty buttered white bread. Simple and delicious!

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