Food and Your Immunity

Our immune system is incredibly important in helping us to fight infections and disease.

Food and your immunity

Our immune system is incredibly important in helping us to fight infections and disease.  Whether it is warding off the common cold or helping to keep us healthy into old age, looking after our immune system is one way to help keep us at our best.

Like every other part of your body, your immune system is made out of the foods and nutrients you eat.  Eating a healthy, balanced diet is essential for good health.  This leaflet takes a look at some of the key foods and nutrients you can eat to help support your immune system and keep it working at its best.


Vitamin C

Found in citrus fruits, green vegetables and red peppers, vitamin C helps to support your immune system. You need 80mg of vitamin C every day



Zinc is one of the most important nutrients for your immune system.  You usually find it in foods that are also good sources of protein – so look for zinc in meat, chicken and shellfish as well as in nuts and seeds.  You need 10mg of zinc everyday.



Find copper in dried fruit like currants and raisins as well as nuts and seeds.  Pine nuts are especially rich in copper and you will also find some in dark chocolate! You need 1mg of copper everyday.



Not only is iron needed for healthy blood, it is important for a healthy immune system as well – but don’t over do it!  It is not a good idea to take a high iron supplement unless you have had a blood test that shows you are low in iron.  Look for iron from your food instead.  You will find iron in red meat, beans and lentils, black pudding and shellfish like mussels.  You need 14mg of iron everyday.


Vitamin A

Cheese is a good source of vitamin A and you will also find it in red, orange and yellow coloured vegetables. The type of vitamin A found in carrots is called beta-carotene.  Your body can turn beta-carotene into vitamin A and beta-carotene is a safe source of vitamin A for pregnant women. Look for carrots, red peppers, spinach and sweet potatoes.  A serving of carrots will give you more than double the amount of vitamin A that you need for a day!  You need 800mcg of Vitamin A everyday.


Vitamin B12

Another vitamin that supports immunity, B12 is only found in animal foods like meat and dairy.  All types of fish are rich in B12 and milk is a really good source.  You need 2.5mcg of B12 every day.


Vitamin B6

is another of the B vitamins needed for a healthy immune system.  Find Vitamin B6 in beef and pork as well as chicken, brazil nuts and hazelnuts.  You need 1.4mg of B6 every day.



Vitamin C+ zinc Beeline Vitamin C 550mg and Zinc Time Release Tablets

Beeline Vitamin C 550mg+ Zinc Time Release is a break through formula as it utilises sustained release technology which ensures the gradual release of nutrients throughout the day. Vitamin C cannot be stored for any length of time in the body and should be taken daily. This advanced formula may help you avoid the misery of colds and flu by providing the renowned immune boosters Vitamin C + Zinc in a balanced and sustained way to meet your body’s needs. Available as a time release tablet format which releases nutrients gradually throughout the day.


Vitamin C & zinc tablets Beeline Vitamin C & Zinc Effervescent Tablets

Vitamin C cannot be stored for any length of time in the body, Beeline Effervescent Vitamin C 1000mg + Zinc tablets are the ideal way to replace Vitamin C lost through colds and flu. Vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system and helps to fight off infections and we recommend that it is taken daily. Beeline Vitamin C 1000mg + Zinc Effervescent Tablets Contains as much Vitamin C as 20 freshly pressed oranges. Fast acting, once it reaches your digestive system it is 100% available to your body. Easy to take - delicious orange flavour combines the power of immune boosters Vitamin C + Zinc to provide double action defence against colds and flu. Zinc has been shown to combat cold, viruses and speed up healing of infection.


Iron C EffervescentBeeline Iron & Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets

Beeline Iron & Vitamin C Effervescent Double Action Tablets provide Iron (14mg 100% RDA) in a highly absorbable organic complex, which is gentle on the stomach. Vitamin C 80mg (100% RDA) plays an important role in the Iron absorption.

Key Benefits:

  • Fasting acting once it reaches your digestive system it is 100% available to your body.
  • Helps Combat Fatigue.
  • Key to Haemoglobin production.
  • Helps maintain health and Vitality.
  • Delicious Cherry flavoured Sparkling Drink.

Suitable for Vegetarians.


Beeline Ginseng EffTubeBeeline Effervescent Ginseng Multivitamins Tablets

Ginseng Natures Energiser. Beeline Effervescent Ginseng and Multivitamins is specially formulated for those with a hectic or demanding lifestyle. Contains all the key vitamins including B Complex vitamins. Their primary responsibility is for producing energy by extracting fuel from food Ginseng known as Natures Energiser is regarded as an essential nutrient that helps to release your natural energy allowing you to cope when the going gets tough. Beeline Ginseng and Multivitamins Effervescent Tablets is in an effervescent format, producing an excellent tasting orange flavoured sparkling drink.


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