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The Sweet Potato Pizza Company

I come from a Construction background with zero experience in the food industry. In 2012 I became physically active and health conscious on the foods I was consuming in my daily diet. Throughout my years of working out and eating healthy I started to become more adventurous in my meal planning. This is where I started to introduce sweet potato into my weekly meals, cooking it different ways and experimenting with that vegetable lead me to creating a sweet potato pizza base one weekend, as a healthy substitute for a cheat meal. Over the course of months that followed I researched the frozen pizza industry and realised that there was an opening for a healthier style pizza, whilst perfecting my recipe for my pizza.

I decided to take my products to a farmers market to get the public’s reactions and thoughts. Honest2Goodness Farmer’s Market in Glasnevin was the first market that gave me the opportunity to sell my product which I will always be grateful for. As the company evolves I wish to broaden the product range to include gluten free and vegan pizzas while also doing some mini pizzini style pizzas in the near future.

The main aim for this company is to become a staple presence within the frozen pizza industry. We want to introduce a pizza that people can include in their weekly meal plan, and not just be a treat meal at the end of the week. By introducing this nutritional pizza we want to make another forward step in the frozen food revolution.

The SuperValu Food Academy has helped bring focus and structure to getting my business off the ground. All the right information is in place to make sure that some of the usual pit falls are avoided. The feedback they give on a companies product helps sharper the possible outcome and expectations of the product. SuperValu providing the Sweet Potato Pizza Company with a trial gives the opportunity to get this unique product to the people. By giving the trial it shows they notice the potential forward movement in the Frozen Sector.

We are bringing nutrition to the frozen pizza industry. We want people to change their perception on how they see pizza. Pizza is seen as a treat/guilty pleasure meal that people indulge over the weekend. Customers will now be able to introduce this nutritional pizza into their weekly meal plan.

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