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Tasty Kitchen

Having grown up in the beautiful island of Kos in Greece, Sia knew a thing or two about good food. Furthermore, her parents owned a cosmopolitan restaurant that served traditional Greek food but also fun new dishes. Her parents ran the whole operation, including the new recipe ideas. This inspired her love of food but more importantly her love of experimenting with food from various cuisines in the kitchen. Having spent many years working in the corporate world and not having enough time to create tasty, fresh and quick dishes, she started making batches of curry pastes and freezing them. Years later, during a pandemic situation the world has never seen, she was able to utilise her skills in the kitchen and sell a variety of pastes to both neighbours and friends who were bored of cooking the same dishes over and over. This was the foundation of Tasty Kitchen.

What if this could be a small business? What if this could be commercially viable? The taste is great, the product is great but where can it go? How does one start? There was a clear avenue and that was to approach the local LEO here in Donegal. After completing the Start your Own Business and the Grow your Own Food Business courses, Sia was asked to create a business plan but she had other ideas. Why create a business plan when you can just…create a business? So she set my sights on the Letterkenny Farmers Market where she has been trading from ever since. The pastes are a near sell out every week with her customer base being at least 80% return trade. She also took part in the SuperValu Food Academy and the knowledge she gained was immense. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make a product commercially viable but with the right supports like the SV Food Academy and the belief in your own ability, you can turn your idea from a dream in to a reality.

The pastes themselves are plant based with no allergens. They contain no stabilisers, no additives or preservatives. They have a shelf life of at least 3 weeks in the fridge but they beauty of these pastes is that they can be frozen and cooked straight from frozen eliminating any wastage and saving time. If you are feeding a family, use a full portion. If it is just yourself, halve the portion and freeze the rest, it’s that simple. Just add your veg, meat (optional) and a can of coconut milk and within 15 minutes you have a freshly made, healthy, tasty and convenient curry that everyone will enjoy.
Tasty Kitchen currently employ staff on a part time basis but with the extensive reach Supervalu have, Sia is hoping to expand the business and be able to contribute more to the local economy here in Donegal by hiring more employees. One tasty step at a time.

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