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SynerChi Kombucha

SynerChi Kombucha was founded by Kombucha brewmaster Laura Murphy in 2014 - we are Ireland's first Kombucha! Our 'Kombrewery' where we craft our Healthy (non alcoholic) Kombucha brews using a traditional 11 day technique is located in Gweedore Co Donegal.

Kombucha is an Ancient Chinese healthy beverage made by fermenting green tea and other fruit and herbal tisanes with the unique 'Kombucha' culture. SynerChi Kombucha is 'live' not heat treated - making it full of beneficial (probiotic) microorganisms, amino acids and raw enzymes - aiding digestive and liver function. SynerChi is also high in green tea antioxidants. The perfect alternative to soft drinks and juices SynerChi is lightly sparkling, tasty, refreshing and low calorie! (just 59kcal per 330ml bottle)

Laura fell in love not only with the taste of real Kombucha but with how great it made her feel while working in the music business in the US. When she returned to Ireland and couldn't buy the live organic and natural Kombucha drinks she craved, Laura started home brewing and the business has growth gone from strength to strength from there. Laura's grandfather was Joe 'Spud' Murphy the creator and founder of Ireland's first crisps - Tayto! She was inspired to create another first in Ireland with SynerChi Kombucha!

Food Academy has given us the best possible opportunity to scale our business on a national level with a major multiple retailer, brought our innovative product to a new (and very receptive) consumer base and their learnings and support along the way have been, and continue to be invaluable to our business

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