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Stillgarden Distillery

Stillgarden is an Independent Distillery & Visitor Centre located in Dublin 8.

Founded by Pat O’Brien, Viki Baird & Damien Heary in May 2019.

Stillgarden creates Modern Irish Spirits for the Modern Spirit drinker.

Our Modern Spirit concept is founded on ‘pro-social distribution’ this means that we utilise science, nature and community to create better drinks, and do more for communities and our planet.

Our Modern Spirit concept ignores distilling traditions that dictate where, how and what a distillery should be and what it should produce.

Unconventionally, for Irish distilleries, we offer a range of drinks in the lower alcohol white spirit and aperitif space.

Give & Take

Giving you that great Gin taste, minus half the alcohol!

All good relationships depend on a little Give and Take. In this one, we GIVE you all the classic dry juniper and layered botanical flavours of a truly great Gin and TAKE out about half the alcohol. The result is a superb Gin-like taste but with a uniquely lower alcohol (mid -strength) ABV.


A Bright & Bold Blackberry Spritz Aperitif.

Our Berrissimo is an Irish Spritz Aperitif that has been macerated with a vibrant mix of locally sourced and foraged Irish Blackberries, Gentian, Orris, Hibiscus, Rhubarb Root, Bitter Orange, Coriander Seed & Wormwood. Berrissimo is an Irish take on the classic Italian Spritz.

We are certified members of Bord Bia Origin Green. We have also won several awards for our community and sustainability initiatives.

One in particular is our Social Botanists Project where we work with our community of gardeners and foragers to grow amazing botanicals for our community garden, which we later use to create the flavours for our spirits.

We also operate a zero food waste policy, we reuse coffee grinds from local coffee shops in our coffee liqueur, use spent botanicals to make tea, even give our Xmas cake botanicals to a local baker to make Gince Pies!

Anything we can’t use is given to local farmers for animal feed.

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