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Created by aunt-niece duo Lisa Kleiner and Anna O’Sullivan, Nibbed is born of the
2020 Covid-19 pandemic, when Lisa, a qualified chef with a degree in Nutrition
and an MSc in Exercise Nutrition, spent much of the first lockdown in a cacao
making expedition.

Once she came across cacao, she knew she had struck gold and was joined by
health-nut niece Anna with who, with her background in design and wellness
marketing, made the perfect partner.
The more they discovered about this magical bean the more they learned about
its amazing health benefits. This coupled with its insanely good taste inspired
them to take a leap, in April 2021, to become one of the few Irish Bean to Bar
producers with an emphasis on Small Batch Cacao Products.
Hand crafted in Co. Wicklow, Nibbed has a simple mission: to produce the highest
quality, organic, natural products that are exquisitely delicious and ethically

The organic cacao beans used to make Nibbed products come from small farms
in the Dominican Republic, that are fairly traded and sustainable, while all the
packaging is compostable or recyclable.
2. What you produce, how it's made ( hand made, slow process) how it's
grown, no artificial x,y,z. Are you a sustainable producer, is the product vegan,
vegetarian, handmade, aged, matured, etc
Nibbed is certified organic and all products are 100% vegan and free from gluten,
while Nibbed activates the nuts and seeds themselves and makes their own
organic orange powder.

All packaging is either recyclable or compostable, and we are almost zero waste in
our food production (just some orange ends).
Bean to bar means that we import our cacao beans and take it from there. The
beans are lightly roasted, then winnowed, which means the inner nib is separated
from the husks. Cacao husks are often a waste product in chocolate production,
but we don’t let the husks go to waste. We use them as the base for the cacao
teas. The cacao nibs are stone ground for a number of hours, creating a smooth
liquid gold that is 100% cacao.

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