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Mor Taste

A few years ago my doctor told me to cut back on sugar. I couldn’t find any low sugar jams or marmalades that were completely natural (even the ones that claim to be “no added sugar” add other forms of sugars such as concentrated fruit juices or artificial sweeteners), so I started to look into preservation of fruit myself, and if sugar is actually needed to preserve fruit. I realised that much sugar isn’t really needed, so I started making low sugar but fruity jams just for ourselves – more fruit, less sugar, but all natural.

Over time, more and more people were interested in buying these jams from us, that’s why I started selling the products locally and on farmers markets.

Today, I have a small production unit close to our home in Killinick, where I make low-sugar jams and spreads by hand in small batches. The focus is to make products that are better for you as they are low in sugar – but also using nothing else than just more fruit, what makes them taste so incredibly fruity. Adding little amounts of sugar only, I make sure to get the taste absolutely perfect. Winning the Blas na h’Éireann Gold Award 2022 proves that we’re on the right track, making Ireland’s best jam 2022 that also has 50% less sugar compared to regular jams. Very sweet and sugary jams – not the case with Mór Taste.

The SuperValu Food Academy was very helpful to get started and to make the step from selling on farmers markets to supermarkets. I don’t know if we could have made it into supermarkets without the Food Academy, and the learnings I had on this journey were very helpful to make the right decisions and to get started.

Our products and recipes are made to help people reduce the consumption of sugar while tasting great. With the average daily sugar consumption in Ireland and Europe being way above recommendations and the overconsumption of sugar being one of the main drivers for diseases such as diabetes, I want to make sure that we and other people manage to reduce the amount of sugar consumed with products that still taste great.

Using glass jars and metal lids only, our packaging is all recyclable. The production unit is connected to solar panels that should produce more electricity than the production of the jams and spreads actually need – making the electricity used for production 100% renewable.

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