King of Kefir

When Gerry Scullion was made redundant in 2012, it gave him an opportunity to pursue his interest in fermenting and brewing. He decided he’d like to develop healthy soft drinks.

This was drawn from his own experience, because whenever he wanted a soft drink in a pub, he was limited to high-sugar brands, full of artificial flavours. Working from home, Gerry found he could make a delicious drink from a culture called Water Kefir, using stevia plant extract as a sweetener. His next step was to open a small production facility in The Chocolate Factory (a shared area for creatives and start-ups in Dublin).

Gerry is interested in ‘a new drinking culture’, changing people’s views and offering them a tempting, healthy, soft-drink alternative, full of beneficial bacteria and yeast.  

SuperValu has helped in this, enabling the company to reach new customers and create sustainable jobs in an old quarter of Dublin.