Jaru’s founder, Gunmoo, is originally from South Korea where his family has been running a food business for over 25 years. He himself has worked in the industry for seven years in New York, Seoul and Dublin, which has given him a view of Korean cuisine and food operations in differing markets.

Arriving in Ireland in 2010, Gunmoo went on to study for his MSc in Food Product Development. He formed an interest in the notion of an Irish made Kimchi. He developed a business plan for Jaru, which was recognised at the Dockland Enterprise Competition in 2016, where the Kimchi project was awarded best project of the year. Having participated in the I-Cubed incubation programme at DIT, Gunmoo was ready to bring his product to market. Jaru now offers delicious hot food like Kimchi Fried Rice and Kimchi Taco to its customers.

SuperValu and Food Academy have helped convert Gunmoo’s concept into sales. It gave him the knowledge required when it came to marketing, sales, legislation and food safety. And it also gave him a forum to meet and share ideas with amazing producers and mentors.

Jaru uses Irish produce where ever possible, sourcing from a local market to get the best fresh ingredients. What started as a husband and wife operation, now employs three more people and Gunmoo expects to add to that number in the coming years.