Jack and eddies

The O'Malley family farm has been in existence for five generations. Jack is fifth generation and Eddie, Jack's dad, is fourth generation. The farm is nestled in the hills between Westport in Co. Mayo and Leenane, Co. Galway. Eddie is a farmer at heart but has always been concerned with the difficulty of making a living from farming. With many locals interested in tasting the produce, Eddie decided to start making sausages. 

Jack & Eddie use a secret family recipe for their award winning 80% sausages and a traditional dry cure for rashers from only the best cuts of pork. You might wonder what Jack's role is....well, he plays around the farm and keeps the animals and everybody else happy. The farm has always been a family affair. Eddie, and his parents and many of the rest of the family work with the pigs everyday as did previous generations of the family. 

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