Inch House

Mairin Byrne has now become the 4th generation of pudding maker in her family with a recipe handed from mother to daughter. The drive to continue with tradition & hand make her fresh blood pudding, to a simple & wholesome recipe, like to her family have done for decades, is what keeps this rural business alive.

Inch House pudding now produces a range of fresh blood puddings for re sale since 2009 in about 40 outlets nationwide. Only totally fresh ingredients are used, which she feels adds flavour, character and texture to her products. Mairin prides herself on freshness and quality without adding preservatives to prolong shelf life. Inch House black pudding range is low in fat and salt but High in iron and protein and is suitable to home freeze once sliced. It is very versatile and not just for breakfast and is lovely in a salad or as a stuffing. A full list of recipes can be seen on their website at

Inch House joined food academy in 2015 and has grown its customer base and employees, thanks to the Food Academy programme.