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Hopkins & Hopkins

A brewery on Bow St. in Smithfield, Dublin
We originally set up a brewing company in 2006 on the back of many years’ experience of the
brewing and drinks industry in Ireland and New York.

We had no brewery of our own, but having work in microbreweries around New York, New Jersey
and Philadelphia and having studied brewing tech at the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago,
we had the skills and qualifications to run one.

We began producing beer at other breweries; eventually ending up as in-house brewers at Messrs
Maguire on Burgh Quay (later known as JW Sweetman) at O’Connell Bridge, Dublin City.
We brewed all in-house beers and used the plant to produce our own “Barrelhead’ ales and lagers

Eventually we hoped to build our own brewery at the site we held on Bow St. in Smithfield.
The arrangement was good and the beer was even better (in 2013 we were voted “Best New
Brewer in the World’ on, but we could never brew enough to cut loose and build
our own operation.

Until 2020, and COVID happened….
What initially seemed a disaster proved to be a blessing. We had time to change our business, restrategize, work on our business plan and seek funding to build our own brewery.
We did all this, and in March 2022 began brewing at our modern, energy efficient brewery on
Bow St.

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