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Healthy You

Dermot Twomey is a Food Technologist of over 40 years standing. He has worked for many leading Irish, UK and overseas companies in a series of roles ranging from: 

Food Technologist: with Unilever and British Home Stores Group of Retail Stores (First Meat Technologist with the BHS Group; covering all meat category products sold by the company.) thru Technical Manager with McLaren Meats, part of Northern Foods and a major M&S Supplier, Senior Scientific Officer with the I.I.R.S., Dublin; and filling technical management roles with Ballyfree Turkeys, Halal Meats, Anglo Dutch Meats, The Leventis Group in Nigeria (5 years - setting up and running a Food Cannery); Operations Manager with the Almunagem Meat Group in Saudi Arabia, as well as various contract positions with  Radwa Poultry, Irish Fish Canners, All in All Ingredients, Cuisine Express. 

In addition to my Food Technology background (M.Sc.- University of Bristol), I have studied Naturopathic Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, Ireland. 

It was my interest in healthy nutrition allied to my food background which excited me to set up Healthy You to provide healthy nutritious food products to aid and maintain optimum nutrition. The fact that seaweed is one of Nature's superfoods, full of essential minerals and vitamins but also being low in fat and calories and high in fibre, seemed the ideal opportunity to contribute to the health and wellbeing of consumers using food products based primarily on seaweed. The fact that seaweed is a native resource, greatly under-utilised was also a major consideration. 

Because seaweeds are low calorie and so rich in nutrients whilst containing other essential health promoting attributes such as fibre and complex carbohydrates, they aid ones health in a number of synergistic ways. They are an ideal food, either as a snack or main meal component in an anti-obesity regime. The many minerals act on many of the body's internal biochemical systems as reaction co-factors and also supply essential minerals to a host of body areas, such as hair, nails, skin (zinc), blood (iron), bone and tissue and heart (calcium and magnesium), and digestion co-factor elements (cobalt, manganese, selenium). 

These products have received numerous awards recently they received stars at The Great Taste Awards in 2017. 


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